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WrestleRopes's Ready for the Weekend (3rd July-5th July)

Last week we delivered our first article for Across The Pond and they liked it so much they've asked us back again. So let's get Ready For The Weekend! 

Credit: VII Pro Wrestling

On Friday night, new promotion, VII Pro Wrestling host their debut event, Shots Fired, at The Hive in Shrewsbury. For a first outing, VII Pro certainly aren't holding back with the matches or the talent involved. One of the matches confirmed will see Damian Dunne facing Bubblegum. Now stand-out matches on shows will often feature one of these two men so combined it can't fail to be a recipe for success. VII Pro have already shown a strong working relationship with Shropshire Wrestling Alliance and that is further solidified with Tyler Bate scheduled to defend the SWA British Lions Championship against Chris Ridgeway this Friday. A third match announced for VII Pro's debut will feature one of British Wrestling's under-utilised gems in the shape of Mike Bird. Now Bird is a hell of a wrestler and has played a part in the training of some of the UK's best young talent such as Nixon Newell. The 'Ginger Jesus' will have a tough task ahead of him though as he faces Ryan Smile, a man himself who faces some of the best in Britain on a weekly basis. Other names confirmed for the show are Violet Vendetta, Nixon Newell, Chris Brookes and Drew Parker to name a few.  

Credit: Leicester Championship Wrestling

 Saturday sees Leicester Championship Wrestling back at their home venue of the Brockington College in Leicester for Summertime. Very few shows can boast a guaranteed new champion but LCW can this Saturday a they shall be holding a four-way match between Chris Tyler, HC Dyer, Ryan Smile & TK Hayward to crown the inaugural LCW Young Guns champion. Speaking of champions, Joseph Conners will be defending the LCW Heavyweight Championship against bitter enemy, Alex Gracie on the 4th of July. And if you like your wrestling of the heavyweight variety then you'll not go far wrong when 'The Heavyweight House Of Pain' Stixx takes on Barricade.The show also features The Hunter Brothers defend their tag team titles against Cooper Nation 2.0, plus matches involving Xander Cooper, Jimmy Meadows, Paul Malen and a lot more UK talent. 

Credit: New Generation Wrestling United Kingdom

On the subject of talent, a place you'll always see so much talent that you could shake a tree at it, never mind a stick, is New Generation Wrestling. On Sunday, NGW are back at the Hull City Hall with Ultimate Showdown. Now as you'll have seen, we focus on about 3 matches from each one of the shows we highlight. This show has so many amazing matches on it, we've literally spent an hour trying to just pick three! Sitting right at the top of the card is the NGW Championship match between current champion, Rampage Brown and the challenger, Nathan Cruz. We could say thee two men don't like each other, it wouldn't do it justice. They hate each other, to the point that Rampage Brown has told Cruz he ha signed his own death warrant by asking for it. Then to continue the theme of bad blood, we have The London Riots defending the NGW Tag Team Championship against Stixx & Colossus Kennedy. The Riots defeated Britain's Biggest Tag Team for the belts, breaking Kennedy's leg en route to the win so proved they'll go to any length to win. However, Stixx & Colossus have also demonstrated in the past few months that they'll do whatever it takes to get revenge and the championship back. This is the point where we really became to struggle on choosing a third match from the five remaining. So in the end we decided that none of the five needed us to 'build them up' (not that any of the others did either!) as they were great matches themselves. So we'll simply tell you them. Dara Diablo is facing Matt Myers, Mark Haskins competes against Justin SysumBubblegum, El Ligero & Wild Boar are facing off in a triple threat match, Joseph Conners is facing Morgan Webster and last but certainly not least, Dan James & Liam Slater are facing The Proven's Caz Crash & Sam Wilder in a tag team match. Now you see the problems we had! 

That wraps up this week's preview of the weekend's wrestling schedule. Of course, there are many more events taking place over the three days. To find out more about the shows we've highlighted here as well as all the others, check us out at for the latest show and match announcements, British Wrestling event list, interviews, exclusive columns, reviews, reports and results!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

TNA Slammiversary XIII Preview

It's the first live PPV in over a year for TNA Wrestling, this show has been hampered by the Impact Wrestling being moved to Wednesday from Friday in the United States, heavily effecting the companies taping schedule. Rather than having title matches occur after taping the next six weeks of television, TNA shuffled the card around to accommodate this. Will the lack of consequences effect the show? Let's have a look at what TNA has put together and find out.

Singles Match
Davey Richards vs. Austin Aries

If this isn't match of the night, then something has gone horribly horribly wrong. Give Davey Richards and Austin Aries 20 minutes and a ring and then leave well alone! The pair put on good matches in their previous home of Ring of Honor, even having their own PPV named after them in 2009. Expect a quick paced, technical match up with a dose of high flying action, with Richards finally being able to show what he can do as singles competitor in the company, opposite one of the all-time TNA greats. 

Obviously with implications for the on-going tag team series between The Wolves and The Dirty Heels, the chance of interference in the match are high, especially with The Dirty Heels new found Dirty Heel-dom. This could be a sticking point for the bout and if their is interference one would hope that it is cleverly done, steering away from the over-booking that this one could do without. 

I'm strongly leaning towards Austin Aries winning this one, to give The Dirty Heels the advantage going into the final match of the series, offering a much more interesting story to see played out on the next week of television. 

Prediction: Austin Aries wins.

Non-Sanctioned Match
James Storm vs. Magnus

Skimming past that having a Non-sanction match on PPV still makes no sense, this match is one of the few on the card that has received a lot of build across television over the last few months. Whilst it would be easy to focus on the horrendous angle that saw Storm push Magnus' fiancee Mickie James onto a train track, this feud has actually been a rather entertaining watch. Magnus has finally stepped up as a babyface, becoming very easy to root for and relateable to a large portion of the viewing audience, whilst James Storm continues to develop his role as leader of The Revolution. 

The gimmick would suggest a big ol' fashioned brawl, chuck in some weapons and a handful of big spots and you should have top quality match. Both men are capable of putting on an enjoyable contest, let's hope they got all out and put on a contest fitting of their last in TNA (for now) as both men will be moving to pastures new following the show.

Prediction: Magnus wins

King of the Mountain match for the vacant TNA King of the Mountain Championship
Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Hardy vs. Eric Young vs. Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Roode

It's been a long time since we've had a moment in wrestling like Jeff Jarrett's TNA return on Wednesday night, but he's straight into action as he attempts to go out how he wants to. I expect to see that play a big part in this match. It's a gimmick that needs to pay attention to the detail for it to work, with a complex set of rules that makes it stand out from WWE's multi-man ladder contest Money in the Bank. This match lives on it's booking and how the falls are placed to help build the drama, whilst the big spots will obviously help things along as well. With very little known about how the King of the Moutain title will work, the winner of this match is anyone's guess really.

Prediction: Eric Young becomes the inaugural King of the Moutain Champion

Singles Match
Bram vs. Matt Morgan

I'm yet to be convinced by Bram's efforts within in the ring, which seem to be below his notable skills with a microphone. Matt Morgan, whilst a competent competitor for such a large man, might not be the ideal opponent to convince me that Bram has the skills within in the ring that will make him a major player for the company. I fully expect we'll see continuation of Bram's winning streak, as he continues to call out past TNA stars, but hopefully things will last little longer than his matches with Crimson, Joseph Park and Vader on Impact Wrestling.

Prediction: Bram wins.

3-on-2 Handicap Match
The Dollhouse vs. Awesome Kong & Brooke

We saw a similar match on Impact Wrestling a few weeks back with Gail Kim in the place of Brooke, which had a lot more interest behind it, due to the past between Gail and Awesome Kong and that wasn't anything to write home about. There's a lot of talent in this match, with both Jade and Marti Belle yet to be given the time to shine as well as they could do for the company, it seems a bizarre decision to hire wrestlers with notable talent and then hamper then with a gimmick that limits their chances to perform to the best of their abilities. Expect Awesome Kong and Brooke to win to build to their Three Way match with Taryn for the Knockout's Championship on Impact Wrestling next week. 

Prediction: Awesome Kong & Brooke win.

Tag Team Match
Lashley & Mr. Anderson vs. Ethan Carter III & Tyrus

This feels like having four guys that simply happened to be available for the show and were therefore chucked together. It's a match that isn't particularly inspiring and there isn't really any reason to care about this. Whilst I'm not expecting a stinker, I wouldn't expect this to be anything you wouldn't find on any wrestling television programme. At least EC3 has two big name roster members to go over before challenging Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship next Wednesday, I suppose.

Prediction: Ethan Carter III & Tyrus win.

Singles Match
Jessie Godderz vs. Robbie E

The Bro-Mans...EXPLODE! I was probably the biggest fan the Bro-Mans had, found them to be entertaining heels and thought they were good enough in the ring to get by in the role they were given. Will they be able to exist as singles competitors? Now's their chance to prove it, I suppose. Godderz seems the one set for a push, but Robbie E winning could open up some more interesting avenues for the pair in the coming weeks.

Prediction: Robbie E wins.


The three top matches have the potential to make this show, but the undercard doesn't have a whole lot to get your teeth into. A strange time for TNA in an ever-changing wrestling world, let's hope they come out of the other side stronger and continue with their TV product which has been stellar over the last six months. 

Slammiversary is live tonight on Challenge at 1am in the UK.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

13 Top Performers from 13 Years of TNA Wrestling

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling is now 13 years old and will be celebrating their milestone with a special week of shows, including a live Impact Wrestling broadcast on the 24th June (aired 28th June on Challenge in the UK), the Slammiversary PPV on the 28th June (aired for free LIVE on Challenge in the UK) and Bell to Bell Special on 1st July featuring Kurt Angle defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Ethan Carter III (aired 5th July in the UK)

We here at Across the Pond Wrestling wanted to celebrate the very best of TNA, by looking at those performers who have put in highest quality matches for the company across the 13 years. Ordered by those deemed to have put in the most matches of a certain quality, this list gives the best of the best that have plied their trade in the company. Let us know if you agree with the list by contacting us on Twitter @ATPWrestling or our Facebook page here.

For those wondering those who narrowly missing out include The Motor City Machineguns, Jeff Hardy, Jerry Lynn, Rhino, Alex Shelley, Low Ki, Abyss and Petey Williams.


Jeff Jarrett

It would feel almost wrong not to include the founder of the group on this list, but he's found his way onto this list on his own merit inside the ring. With memorable bouts across his nine year run with the company, Jarrett's strongest run of matches may have come at the end of his time there. 2011 proved to be creatively fruitful for Jarrett, who produced three standout matches opposite rival, Kurt Angle. Fuelled by real-life issues between the two, Jarrett and Angle put together compelling bouts at Against All Odds, Lockdown and Slammiversary. Despite this impressive run of bouts, their strongest match and maybe the best of Jarrett's entire career may have come two years prior, when the two met in a No Disqualifcation match at Genesis, in an intense contest that shone the way for matches of the type in 2009. 


Jay Lethal

A staple of the X Division between 2006 and early 2011, Jay Lethal's Black Machismo character might be the thing his TNA run is most often remember for, by the current ROH World Champion had his fair share of quality matches within a TNA, hence him finding his way onto this list. Lethal played his part in a number of the X-Divisions famed multi-man matches, like the first and only X Division King of the Moutain bout at Slammiversary 2009 and a three way bout with Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt at Sacrifice 2007, Lethal showed skill beyond his years in singles outings against the likes of Sonjay Dutt, Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles. Lethal was just 26 years old when he departed TNA, so this begs the question as to how far he could have ended up in the list if TNA had stuck with him, those currently watching Ring of Honor's product will know what the Black Machismo has become.


Team 3D

The only tag team to make the top thirteen, Brother Devon and Brother Ray (later Bully Ray) arrived in TNA in 2005 and continued to put on their own brand of exciting brawling for the next nine years with the company (with a four year hiatus from teaming). Helped along by a strong tag team division that became a calling card for TNA between 2007-2009, the likes of LAX, The Motor City Machineguns, Beer Money and The British Invasion provided the pair with strong opponent in both conventional tag team action and multi-team action. It was however, the resurgence of the team in 2014 that provided them with their strongest TNA bouts in a superb series of bouts with old rivals The Hardy Boyz and The Wolves that became a highlight of TNA programming throughout the summer. 


Sonjay Dutt

Perhaps a surprising inclusion at this place on the list for many, Sonjay Dutt proved to be one of the most consistent competitors in the X Division without ever being rewarded with a run with the belt. Dutt's participation in numerous stand-out multi man bouts throughout his TNA run (2003-2009, 2012-2013) would show up as the main for him finding himself here. A four way contest with Chris Sabin, Petey Williams and Puma at Destination X 2006 typified what the X-Division should have been, with plenty of Indy-style spots and dives, an all round fun match for any viewer. Dutt showed real chemistry in a 2007 feud with Jay Lethal, producing his best singles outings for the company, in a division that was often too over crowded in this period to spot light one on one feuds.

Dutt still works One Night Only tapings for the company and can has been most often seen in Pennsylvannia performing for Renegade Wrestling Alliance this year.


Bobby Roode

Part of two succesful tag team who were both close to making this list on their own right, Bobby Roode has come into his own as a single competitor since breaking from James Storm in Beer Money Inc. in 2011. In fact, there's not many who have had better years in wrestling than Bobby Roode in 2012. Growing into his World Heavyweight Championship run, Roode blosomed in the spotlight. A superbly crafted contest with Austin Aries may have seen The IT Factor drop the title, but was also the strongest bout of his title run and arguably his best singles match to date.

Growing into one of the strongest performers around today, expect to see Roode jump higher up the list in the next few years, as he continues to put on stellar contests with the likes of Eric Young and Lashley. 


Christian Cage

At the time of his debut, Christian Cage was the biggest name to jump from WWE to TNA in 2005. With two strong NWA World Heavyweight Championship runs in 2006 and 2007, Cage put together an impressive resume in TNA that see's him placed at Number 8 on the list, despite only spending three years with the company. 2007 was an especially strong year for the Instant Classic. Two superb bouts with Samoa Joe, first at Destination X and then Bound For Glory, as well as participating in a stand-out King of the Mountain match that also included Joe, AJ Styles, Chris Harris and Kurt Angle at Slammiversary. His strongest match of the year and perhaps the strongest of his entire TNA career was also a Ladder match against the up and coming Kaz in the final of the Fight for the Right tournament at Genesis, telling a great story as Cage bought out the best in the younger man.

Currently back with WWE, simply by the name Christian, it would appear that Cage's wrestling days are over, but he was still able to pick up two ECW Heavyweight Championships, two World Heavyweight Championships and an Intercontinetal title since returning in 2009.


Austin Aries

Whilst his first run with TNA would witness Aries taking part in a number of strong multi-man X Division contests, it was his return to the company in 2011 that saw him really find his groove for the company and shoot up to 7th place on this list. His push to the World Heavyweight Championship in 2012 was perhaps the most natural of any in recent years, as Aries gained a ground swell of support, helped along with by delivering in big matches against the likes of Brian Kendrick, Alex Shelley, Samoa Joe and Bully Ray, before culminating with the previously mentioned classic bout with Bobby Roode at Destination X. As shown in the above list of opponents, "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" has shown a real diversity since returning to TNA, proving to be one of the companies most reliable performers, excelling in almost any role he has been tasked with.

Currently engaged in Best of Five Tag Team Series alongside former rival Bobby Roode against The Wolves, Aries is still putting in strong solo performances, most notably a stellar World Heavyweight title bout with Kurt Angle a few weeks ago.


Frankie Kazarian

Frankie Kazarian maybe one of the most underrated performers in the history of TNA, with a lot of his strongest matches almost slipping under the radar when most will talk about the greatest matches in company history. A superb tag bouts with Christopher Daniels (before officially becoming Bad Influence) against Kurt Angle and AJ Styles from Slammiversary X and No Surrender 2012, a Ladder match with Christian Cage from Genesis 2007, one of the strongest openers you'll see against Angle from Slammiversary VIII and a stand out X-Division contest against Petey Williams at Slammiversary 2008. Throw in multi-man gimmick matches like King of the Moutain, Ultimate X and X Division Gauntlet's and you can see why Kazarian made it so high up this list.

Currently plying his trade in Ring of Honor, Kazarian is still tearing it up as part of Bad Influence, newly christened The Addiction, whilst also putting on a stand-out solo bout against Michael Elgin at Supercard of Honor IX in March this year.


Chris Sabin

Despite the picture, it's probably wise to skip talking about Sabin's much maligned World Heavyweight Championship reign and remember a time when Sabin was ripping it up in the X Division. Sabin helped to solidify the style of the Division in it's infancy. Classic X-Division matches with the likes of Paul London, Michael Shane and Juventud Guerrera all took place on NWA:TNA's weekly PPV's, long before the company even started using the six sided ring. I'd seriously urge anyone unfamiliar with Sabin's earlier matches in TNA to go back and check out matches like the three way Ultimate X bout from Final Resolution 2005 with both AJ Styles and Petey Williams or the match that saw the Motor City Machineguns collide at Genesis 2009 or the highflying masterclass opposite Senshi at Bound for Glory 2006. 

Having spent some time this year in Europe for the likes of Southside and WXW, Sabin is currently back in Ring of Honor, where he recently took part in strong three way bout opposite Kyle O'Reilly and KUSHIDA at Global Wars 2015.


Samoa Joe

Our article looking at Samoa Joe's TNA departure earlier this year covered a lot of Joe's career in TNA, if you're looking for something a little more in depth. Forever linked with two other men in our top four, it's almost impossible to talk about Samoa Joe's career with out mentioned Christopher Daniels or AJ Styles. It's impossible to talk about TNA's greatest matches without mentioning Unbreakable 2005. Never seen this epic three way? Stop reading this, find a copy of it somewhere, anywhere, grab an adult beverage, sit still, enjoy, then come back and thank ATPW. The match was so good that it was repeated a further three times at various PPVs throughout the years. 

After departing TNA earlier in the year, Joe has been everywhere! Eventually ending up in WWE on the NXT brand, Joe found time for brief stop in Ring of Honor, including a good main event opposite Jay Briscoe at Supercard of Honor IX in March.


Christopher Daniels

The greatest TNA performer never to win the World Heavyweight Championship, Christopher Daniels was a special talent for the company to have, someone who could take chicken shit and turn it into a tasty, succulent chicken salad. The best example of this would be Daniels time under the Suicide gimmick. Whilst attempting to portray a cross-over character from a video game that had very little to do with the video game, Daniels put in stand out performances in a number of multi-man X-Division bouts, whilst still putting in stellar performances without the hood against the likes of Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. 

Whilst almost always seemingly to struggle against TNA creative, leading Daniels to leave the company on a number of occasions, Daniels could always rely on his best friend AJ Styles to put on a classic match. With more chemistry than you could have shaken a shitty stick at, the duo were paired together more times than many will even remember and almost always delivered. Bouts at Against All Odds 2005, Final Resolution 2009 and Destination X 2012 stick out as their strongest contensts opposite one another and span both men's TNA careers.

Currently one of the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions with Kazarian, Daniels is still capable of putting together a solid singles match. His bout with Roderick Strong from Supercard of Honor IX in March standing testament to this.


Kurt Angle

Kurt Freaking Angle. The man is a machine, seriously if it was revealed tomorrow that the part of Kurt Angle had been played by a robot for the last ten years then I wouldn't be all that surprised. His move to TNA in 2006 is almost certainly the biggest moment in the history of the company, and oppened up the opportunity for Angle to work with some of the names elsewhere on this list. Most notably for his red hot feud with Samoa Joe, coming directly after Angle's TNA debut and allowing for three straight PPV bouts, the strongest at Turning Point 2006, the feud became the quintessential TNA rivalry.

Whilst Angle was well-reversed in tearing it up with other names from our top 13, your AJ Styles', Jeff Jarretts and Christian Cages, Angle really excelled in putting on world class matches with those who might not initially spring to mind. A Falls Count Anywhere bout with Abyss at Turning Point 2008 showed that Angle was more than capable of changing up his style to match that of his opponent, creating a brutally exciting contest. A year later at the 2009 event of the same name, Angle allowed TNA fans to see just what might have been for Desmond Wolfe as the pair worked a gorgeous technical bout. And in perhaps, Angle's greatest match under a TNA banner, his opponent came in the unlikely shape of Mr. Anderson in a Steel Cage bout at Lockdown 2010. Some lovely storytelling, amidst a brutal bout that was a fitting conclusion to the pairs 2010 feud. Almost certainly the best Mr. Anderson match of all time. 

The fact that Angle is still putting in quality matches like those against Austin Aries, Eric Young and Lashley in 2015 at the age of 46 is quite frankly ridiculous. The man is not a human being. It's true. It's damn true.


AJ Styles

Could it have been anyone else? AJ Styles was TNA for many years, owning those early weekly PPV's in various combinations against the likes of Jerry Lynn, Lo-Ki and The Amazing Red. Those first months of action were what drew many to the TNA product when it was just in it's infancy and almost all of the matches that got people talking involved The Phenomenal One. 

Styles proved to be one of the most versatile member of the TNA roster, able to put on strong matches wherever he was placed on the card, with a variety of opponents and under a variety of different gimmicks. From almost every member of this list to guys like Tommy Dreamer in 2010 (perhaps Dreamer's last good match), Booker T in 2009 (perhaps a similar situation to that of Dreamer) or even mixing things up in a tag team with a limited Tomko in 2007 and 2008 and pulling out a number of credible bouts. Double Elimination, Three Way Dance, Ladder, Street Fight, Ultimate X, Iron Man, Steel Cage, Lethal Lockdown, King of the Moutain, Full Metal Mayhem, Table, Last Man Standing and I Quit, Styles was able to turn his hand to any match TNA threw at him and make it his own. 

Even when seemingly at odds with the company over contract issues, the then "Lone Wolf" was still killing it in his final six months with TNA, sometimes at the behest of the booking. Kurt Angle at Slammiversary IX, Austin Aries twice on Impact Wrestling, Bully Ray at Bound For Glory 2013 and Magnus twice on Impact Wrestling, including Styles' final match inside a TNA ring, proved that Styles still had a lot to give to the company. If this was a Styles who was a loggerhead with the company, imagine what the quality of action could have been like if the situation was a little more mutual.

Since departing the company in 2013, Styles has been able to really flex his creative muscles inside the ring, heading to New Japan Pro Wrestling, whilst also competing in the US for Ring of Honor. Bouts with Minoru Suzuki (G1 Climax 24 - Day 7) and Adam Cole (War of the Worlds 2015 - Day 1) would be great places for anyone looking to catch up on Styles' work since leaving TNA.


We hope you've enjoyed checking out our list and hope it's made you think about checking out some classic TNA footage, as well as what those who have departed the company are up to these days.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

WrestleRopes' Ready for the Weekend (26th June - 28th June 2015)

The very good folks at Across The Pond asked us if we would like to do a weekly preview of some of the shows scheduled for the weekend and we were happy to oblige such a great site as this. So without further a do, let's get underway!

Credit: HOPE Wrestling/Ringside World/Smile Designs

On Friday night, HOPE Wrestling are back at the Forest Town Arena in Mansfield, a venue they've really defined as their home in the past year or so. Evolution XXIV: We'll Start a Fire...And Burn Some Bridges is going to see four qualifying matches take place with the winner from each contest earning a place in the six-way HOPE Championship match on July 17th. With qualifying matches such as Martin Kirby vs. Ryan Smile and Joseph Conners vs. T-Bone, the outcomes of each match really are anyone's guess. Elsewhere on the card we have The Hooligans against The London Riots. If you have ever wanted to see a hard-hitting tag team match between two of the finest teams not just in the UK but in Europe then this is the match for you! 

Credit: Pro Wrestling Chaos

Saturday is jammed-packed when it comes to shows and we could have a whole article just dedicated to it with events from the top of Scotland to the South of England. However there can only be room for one, well two actually, and the first is ProWrestling Chaos' Heir to the Throne in Bristol. The main event will see Mike Bird defending the King Of Chaos Championship against Eddie Dennis. If you've never seen either Bird or Dennis then you're really missing out on two really talented guys on these shores and the match I almost guarantee to be a cracker. Whoever comes out on top in that match better keep their eye open however as there will also be a six-man Heir To The Throne ladder match with the winner earning a championship match at any time of their choosing. Those two matches plus Morgan Webster in action for the first time since retiring Dave Mercy and earning his roster spot back, Pro Wrestling Chaos are looking primed to deliver another great event.

Credit: Shropshire Wrestling Alliance/Smile Designs

Also on Saturday night, ShropshireWrestling Alliance have their first show for almost 3 months with The Return at the Dawley Town Hall in Telford. Now if you are unfamiliar with SWA then the best way we could describe them is to say they are the future. Their shows are packed with some of the hottest young wrestlers in the UK and their show this weekend is no different. Firstly we have Tyler Bate defending the British Lions Championship against Dan Moloney. Now if you wanted a match that showcased young talent in the UK then this is that match. Both of these men have been tearing it up in the last year or so in the UK and neither man is even in their 20s yet. There's also an SWA Heavyweight Championship ladder match between Joey Sanchez & Edwards in SWA's ongoing war with The Chase Coalition. With the added stipulation that if Edwards loses he's gone from SWA, there is a lot more on the line than the championship. In another intriguing match, Damian Dunne & Chris Ridgeway will be in a tag team action against Chris Brookes and.... well we don't know! The only person who does know Brookes' partner is Chris Brookes himself! Add in matches involving Ryan Smile, Chuck Cyrus, Marc Morgan plus big announcements for SWA's July 25th show and you have a stacked night in Telford.

Now traditionally Sunday is a day of rest.... except in British Wrestling. This Sunday will see Tidal Championship Wrestling's latest show, High Tide, takes place in Leeds. There is only one way to describe this show. Violent. Firstly there will be possibly the biggest, heaviest Falls Count Anywhere match ever when Big Damo & Wolfgang face T-Bone & Dave Mastiff in a rematch from earlier this year. If that wasn't enough, we also have JD Boom facing Addy Starr. Now you might not think that sounds all that violent but this match will be a barefoot Lego match! Oh and the fans can bring their own Lego creations as well! However, Tidal Wrestling didn't think that was enough violence as we shall witness Rampage Brown vs. Liam Lazarus for the Tidal Championship in a Last Man Standing match. Now these two men don't dislike each other, they straight out hate each other! Then you add in matches like The Proven vs The London Riots, Pastor William Eaver, Joseph Conners, Joe Hendry & Sean Only in a four-way match and Ruby Summers facing Bete Noire who is affectionately referred to as 'Hard As F*ck' you know it's all going down in Leeds on Sunday.

That wraps up this week's preview of the weekend's wrestling schedule. Of course, there are many more events taking place over the three days. To find out more about the shows we've highlighted here as well as all the others coming up soon, check us out at for the latest show and match announcements, British Wrestling event list, interviews, exclusive columns, reviews, reports and results!

Friday, 19 June 2015

ROH Best in the World 2015 Preview

Five weeks removed from Global Wars, and now with a new television presence next to TNA's Impact Wrestling on Destination America in the US, Ring of Honor presents Best in the World. Jays Briscoe and Lethal are set for the main event of the evening in a title for title bout, but is this show really a one match affair? Let's go through the card and see what ROH could have on offer for us from Terminal 5 tonight. 

Singles Match for the ROH World and ROH World Television Championships

Jay Briscoe (C) 
Jay Lethal (C)

This feels like a truly special match and if you've been following Ring of Honor television over the last few months, then I'm sure this match alone will give you reason to purchase this pay-per-view. It's been a simple story, but one that has built nicely and allowed the audience to be drawn in at their own pace, suiting ROH's one hour of television a week and irregular PPV schedule. Bar a tag team match in November, the two have been kept mostly apart on television for the last six months, but we've seen them collide outside of matches on the microphone a few times, with last week's contract signing really putting the icing on the cake in terms of build.

This should be the match that defines each man's title runs, no matter who walks out of New York with the titles. The build requires this to be the best match that either has had whilst as champion. The caveat here is the worry that ROH will not want to put both of their titles on one man and therefore go for a screwy finish that leaves both men walking out with the titles they walked in with. No matter what has gone before it, this has the potential to kill the match. The company needs to deliver on the superb build, both men are more than capable of that on their own, but if the finish isn't satisfying the match falls apart. I'm hoping for Jay Lethal win as I think it offers more avenues for development going forward and could offer up a juicy rematch for July's Death Before Dishonor.

Singles Match for the #1 Contendership to ROH World Championship

Michael Elgin 
Roderick Strong

A bit of hodge podge of guys who have a claim for getting a World title shot, this hasn't really received any TV time, beyond Moose's continued push. Moose was undefeated until last week's TV show (suffering surprise defeat to Cedric Alexander), Michael Elgin argues that he never received his one on one rematch for the title (although his TV record has been less than stellar since dropping the title) and Roderick Strong has had a renassisance of sorts since splitting for The Decade in November, going undefeated in singles competition on television, including victories over Adam Page and BJ Whitmer at Final Battle and 13th Anniversary: Winner Takes All respectively.

I've made it known before that I'm yet to be sold on Moose as the next big thing in wrestling, with his most notable matches coming in multi-man efforts, so, for me at least, this match is sink or swim for Moose. He'll be in there with two experienced main eventers for ROH, he either proves that he's ready to be in this spot or looks completely out of his depth and causes the bout to go off the tracks. I'm edging toward Strong picking up the victory here as it would fit well with his current storyline and a bout with Jay Lethal (if he wins tonight) would be another PPV headliner that I'd be hyped for, both in terms of in-ring and the surrounding storytelling opportunities. 

Prediction: Roderick Strong wins.

No Disqualification Tag Team Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championships

The Addiction (C) 

This match has the potential to steal the show. The Addiction and reDRagon are two of the best tag teams in the world right now and should prove so here at the aptly titled Best in the World. If the clash wasn't good enough on it's own, there's plenty of storyline to fuel the No Disqualifcation gimmick with the two teams feuding ever since The Addiction won the tag titles on the 25th April edition of ROH TV, revealing themselves as The KRD (alongside Chris Sabin) in the process. There's plenty of bad blood here and I've a feeling we may seen Chris Sabin get involved at one point of another in what should be a rip roaring tag bout. Expect inventive spots, tag team scrambles and plenty of fun from this one.

Prediction: reDRagon win the ROH World Tag Team Championship for the forth time.

Six Man Tag Team Match

The BULLET CLUB's AJ Styles & The Young Bucks 
The Kingdom's Adam Cole, Michael Bennett & Matt Taven

A rematch for the War of the Worlds - Night 2 event, where The Kingdom were able to get the win, this should be a fast paced, thrill-ride of a both. The two factions have gone back and forth across both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling television for the last month or so, with Adam Cole returning just in time to help out his pals Bennett and Taven. The amount of New Japan gold on display should tell you just how highly thought of these men are with the promotion, and their appearance on the undercard here really bolsters the shows foundations, with AJ Styles in particular lending some considerable star power to the event. There's one thing for sure, this party is BYOSK...Bring your own super kicks!

Prediction - The BULLET CLUB get their win back.

Tag Team Match

ACH & Matt Sydal 
The Decade's Adam Page & BJ Whitmer

There is no one in professional wrestling that I am more indifferent about than BJ Whitmer. The guy just does nothing for me as a character or as a performer. ACH should bring enough charisma that at least some of it isn't suck into Whitmer's vacuum, with Matt Sydal has got a few funky tricks up his sleeve also. On TV recently Whitmer has been removing himself from matches and replacing himself with The Decade's "young boy" Colby Corino (because Nigel McGuinness allows Whitmer to book his own matches apparently), so we may see some more of that here, much to chagrin of color commentator and Colby's Dad, Steve Corino.

Prediction - ACH & Matt Sydal win.

Singles Match

Dalton Castle 
Silas Young

These two characters would seem to be the complete antithesis of each other. The Peacock-esque Dalton Castle and The Last Real Man Silas Young. It seems almost a shame that we haven't seen more of these two opposite each other on television, but that's one of the downsides of only having a one hour weekly product. Castle may have only been around ROH for a short time, but he's been given marquee television matches with the likes of Jay Lethal and Jushin Thunder Liger, as well as appearing at two TNA One Night Only tapings, it's clear that a bright future is seen for the 29 year old, I'd expect to see him go over in this one.

Prediction - Dalton Castle wins

Singles Match

Donavan Dijak 
Mark Briscoe

Seemingly almost designed for one or more of the performers involved to be taken out so that they can't get involved in the main event, I'm expecting this one to become a wild brawl leading to a big spot or moment. There's not much to this match, other than being an extension of the main event storyline, which is fine I suppose, but it would be nice to see Mark Briscoe given his own feud if the two are being utilised as singles competitors. I'm convinced this one will be much more of an angle than a match, but it could add a lot more intrigue when it comes time for Lethal vs. Briscoe later in the show.

Prediction - No Contest.

Tag Team Match

C&C Wrestle Factory 
War Machine

Only announced for the show on Monday, this is your classic Power vs. Speed bout, which should lead to some nice story telling between the four guys. Cedric Alexander's losing streak came to end on television this week, meaning we didn't get the satisfying full year storyline, seeing as his last TV win was over Roderick Strong at last year's Best in the World, but he does seem to be taking a new more aggressive direction. It would seem this match is prime for an Alexander heel turn, bringing an end to the reunion of C&C Wrestle Factory and giving War Machine the win. Alexander has big things in his future, I'm interested to see how ROH handle his inevitable upcoming heel turn.


On closer inspection this is anything but a one match show, with some potential gems up and down the card. Yes, Lethal vs. Briscoe is the hottest feud by a mile and will rightly main event the show, in front of hot New York crowd, but reDRagon vs. The Addiction also has plenty of fire behind it, with the added No Disqualification gimmick adding a little sizzle to the steak. There's a chance for Moose to prove he deserves a spot in ROH's main event scene, a fun looking six man tag, Dalton freaking Castle and the potential for a Cedric Alexander heel turn. If the price of the PPV wasn't so high ($34.95, that's just over £22), then I'd expect a decent buyrate. ROH needs to stop pricing itself out of a market when a month of the WWE Network is only $9.99 and it's so easy to watch shows through other means.

You can order the PPV here to view online, it's also available through satelitte and cable providers in the US.

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