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WWE Main Event 29th May 2013 Review

For me, this weeks Main Event showed how the concept should be used. To offer lengthy matches to allow superstars an opportunity to show what they can do when given the time to do it. Sheamus and Wade Barrett proved it, this week.

Sheamus Vs. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett

Now this isn’t a fresh match, we’ve seen these two face off on numerous occasion on both Raw and Smackdown over the last year and a half, with little storyline to propel the match forward other than WWE’s logic that they are both “European” and should be thrown together, however the majority of these match had between these two have been fairly short, usually ten minutes at maximum and involved some kind of dodgy ending involving interference or Countout. This was not the case with this match.

The match was given at least twenty minutes, which was enough time for these two to have a barnburner of a contest. With both men hitting hard and the match going back and forth it was clear to see why the crowd began a “This is Awesome” chant towards the end of the contest, how often do you get one those chants on WWE Television? With each man reversing the others big moves and and number of moments where it seemed the match was over, including the return of Barrett’s old finisher The Wasteland, the match was well paced throughout and each move felt like a natural progression from the last.

Barrett’s aggression brings a legitimacy to his match that WWE sorely needs as of late and even managed to bring a different side to Sheamus than we have seen recently, as he dropped the grating smiling Irishman gimmick and instead focussed on what he does best…fight. The ending of the contest felt fitting with Barrett looking strong throwing Sheamus in the ring post twice, only to get hit with a messy Brogue Kick to the face as both men fell to the floor. Sheamus’ slip during the Brogue Kick didn’t bother me, in fact if anything it added to the contest as both men looked as if they gave their all.

Hopefully WWE finally allows Barrett to break through the “glass ceiling” soon as he brings something different that the Main Event seen seems to be lacking lately. That thing is legitimacy, Barrett’s aggression during his contests helps to drive the contest and you really begin to believe that he hates whoever he is in the ring with. However, they will have to be careful who they choose to have Barrett drop the Intercontinental Championship too, and I don’t think Fandango, who Barrett has been involved with in recent weeks, is the person for the job, just yet.

Best of the Rest

Main Event also present two short contests that did little for the competitors involved. Firsty, Antonio Cesaro took on Justin Gabriel. Now, followers of both men will know that they could potentially put on a fantastic contest, given the time and backing from WWE’s higher ups. However with empathsis being taken of Cesaro recently and Gabriel trapped working on B shows for the last two years, this match did not get the time it needed.

Cesaro is someone who takes longer than five minutes to get going during his contests and this was evident here, as the match felt slow and never really got going. It’s obvious that the Swiss Superman is frustrated with his WWE experience as it felt like he was simply going through the motions of this contest. The finish of the match was also awkward, as Cesaro went from a rest hold straight into his neutralizer finish. It will be interesting to see what happens to Cesaro in the next few months, and I can’t really see a position for him higher up on the card as things stand.

Also we got a kind of rematch from Raw, with R-Truth replacing The Great Khali to team up with Tons of Funk to take on Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal of 3MB in Six Man Tag Team Action. With Tons of Funk of dominating throughout, with some nice moments and an interesting finish, with both member of Tons of Funk charging at Jinder Mahal, followed up with a little Jimmy from Truth. For a short match, (little over two mintues) it was fun to watch and action packed, and goes a long way to show the talent of the guys in the ring. Surely, 3MB deserve some kind of reward for taking to such a terrible gimmick so well?

We also had a brand new commentary team this week, with The Miz, Josh Matthews and Ricardo Rodrigues. The Miz has proven on Main Event in the past that he can be a very competent commentator and I have to say that I’m preferring his commentating to anything he’s done in the ring as of late. Ricardo Rodrigues said very little and didn’t really bring much to the team, other than speak some Spanish. I will be surprised if he remains on commentary next week.

What have we learned from this week’s WWE Main Event?
1.       Sheamus and Wade Barrett would have an awesome rivalry, if only WWE would stop giving away their matches.
2.       Antonio Cesaro has had too many gimmick in his short WWE stay.
3.       Ricardo Rodrigues is extremely quiet at the commentary desk.

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