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Five Questions With...Kevin Michael Johnson

After last weeks great interview with British Wrestler, Josh Alden, it's time to head Stateside and speak to Kevin Michael Johnson.

Ring name: Kevin Michael Johnson (formerly Mikey Jay)
Age: 25
Hometown: Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States of America. 
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 190lbs
Promotions worked for: All Pro Wrestling (Hayward, California), HOODSLAM (Oakland, California), Pro Championship Wrestling (Chico, California), Supreme Pro Wrestling (Sacramento, California), Pro Wrestling Bushido (Modesto, California), Devil Mountain Wrestling (Martinez, California), Big Time Wrestling (Newark, California), Reno Wrestle Factory (Reno, Nevada), and a promotion called Wrestling for Charity which runs in various locations around the San Francisco Bay Area.
 Championships won: None

1. When did you first get into wrestling and what was the drew you to the sport?

Like most people in this sport, I became a fan of pro wrestling at a young age. It was the 90's and the Kane/Undertaker feud had me glued to my TV. I later became a huge fan of Mick Foley and his story of what he went through to become a pro wrestler. I knew I wanted to be a wrestler since I was about thirteen years old. In 2009 I started training at All Pro Wrestling in Hayward California. It is a long running school and many say the best in the country. Top talent has come out of that school and I hope I am one of them.

2. Who's been your favorite person to work with in your career so far?

My favorite person to have wrestled in my career so far is the Pro Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, and one half of the All Pro Wrestling/Vendetta Pro Unified Tag Team Champions, Matt Carlos. I have been up and down the west coast with that guy, and we have beat the hell out of each other along the way. He is a stand up human being and one hell of a professional wrestler.

3. Where do you see the wrestling business heading in the next five to ten years?

Hopefully in the next five to ten years, pro wrestling will remain a constant source of entertainment, no matter how the audience perceives it. As long as it stays fresh and exciting, I'll be along for the ride. Take one of the promotions I work for, HOODSLAM in Oakland, Ca. This is an adult themed wrestling show with off the wall gimmicks and characters from video games. If that sounds absurd, you should also know its one of the highest drawing promotions in California. My character is a drug addicted rabbit named Drugs Bunny. Its new, its different, and its getting a lot of attention. Also, it is so much fun for me and other wrestlers to break the norm once a month. If HOODSLAM can grow to be as popular as it is, then in five to ten years the wrestling you watch on TV might be extremely different.

4. What are your Top Three matches of all time and why?

My top three matches weren't easy to choose. My third favorite match is myself against a man named Daniel Torch. It was the second round of All Pro Wrestling's Young Lion's Cup Tournament.  The match itself was pretty short, but both went full throttle the entire time. I have a lot of respect for Daniel Torch and as a result of our chemistry in the ring, we ended up teaming together on several occasions.  

My second favorite match is a four way ladder match for the X-fest Title at a Pro Wrestling Bushido event. Myself, Daniel Torch, an extreme high flyer named Virgil Flynn III, and a very violent/ kind of crazy CJ Kurz were all involved. This match is one of my favorites because it was my first ladder match. You gain quite a bit of respect for a man after you bash each other with ladders for half an hour. A lot of risks were taken in that match and I earned a great deal of experience from it. 

The match I consider to be my best match is ironically one of my early ones. It is a fatal four way elimination match for the All Pro Wrestling World Wide Internet Championship. Myself, Matt Carlos, Shane West, and a well respected veteran Rik Luxury. This match was on APW's biggest show of the year, Halloween Hell. Being in a championship match at my home promotions biggest show while in my first year as a wrestler was quite an honor. The chemistry in that match was indescribable. Everything was on point and the crowd was hot the entire time. I'll always remember that match.

5. Where can our reader catch you next and will you be heading across the pond anytime soon? 

The next time I am wrestling is at All Pro Wrestling Gym Wars in Hayward, ca on Saturday June 1st! for more info! Also, on June 7th, HOODSLAM in Oakland, ca. Find out what all the buzz is about at
As for wrestling across the pond goes, it would be a privilege  For booking email me at or @mikeyjayapw on Twitter

Across The Pond Wrestling would like to thanks Kevin Michael Johnson for his time. This interview was conducted by James Marston (@IAmNotAlanDale on Twitter) and you can find us at @ATPWrestling on Twitter also.

Next Week: Five Questions with... OSW Review Host, Jay Hunter.

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