Monday, 24 June 2013

RIP Jackie Fargo

On behalf of all at Across The Pond Wrestling, we'd like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Jackie Fargo, who passed away today age 85.

Fargo formed teams with numerous wrestlers, including Don Fargo, Joe Fargo, Mario Milano, Lester Welch, Tex Riley, Sonny Fargo, Len Rossi, Dennis Hall, Jerry Jarrett, Mr. Wrestling, Lou Thesz, George Gulas and Tojo Yamamoto.

Jim Cornette credits Fargo as being the originator of what would become known as Hardcore Wrestling, using numerous foreign objects including chairs and tables in his matches.

Fargo is also credited with being the first to use the strut style of ring entrance that would go on to be used by the likes of Ric Flair, Jeff Jarrett and The Fabulous Ones.

Fargo also appeared at the first ever NWA-TNA event, as part of the NWA Legends.

Throughout his career he had a number of fueds and matches with the likes of Argentina Rocca & Miguel Perez, Jerry Lawler, The Moondogs, Al & Don Greene, The Von Brauners, The Interns and Sputnik Monroe.

He also captured numerous titles and accomplisments including;

11 Time NWA World Tag Team Champion (Mid-America version) 6 times with Don Fargo, 1 time with Sonny Fargo, 1 time with Mario Milano, 1 time with Herb Welch, 1 time with Len Rossi and 1 time with Jerry Jarrett.

NWA World Tag Team Champion (George version) with Don Fargo

NWA World Tag Team Champion (Chicago & Indianopolis version) with Don Fargo

4 Time NWA Southern Tag Team Champion (Mid-America version) 1 time with Don Fargo & 3 times with Lester Welch

5 Time NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Champion (Tennesee Version)

17 Time NWA Southern Tag Team Champion (Gulf Coast version) 1 time with Joey Fargo, 1 time with Jack Donovon, 2 times with Mario Milano, 3 times with Sonny Fargo, 1 Time with Don Fargo, 2 times with Len Rossi, 1 time with Lou Thesz, 1 time with Dennis Hall, 3 times with Jerry Jarrett and 2 times with Don Green

2 Time AAC World Heavyweight Champion

IWA World Heavyweight Champion (Chicago Version)

4 time NWA Mid-America Tag Team Champion 2 times with Tojo Yamamoto and 2 times with George Gulas.

NWA World Six Man Tag Team Champion (Mid-America Version) with George Gulas & Dennis Hall.

3 Time NWA United States Tag Team Champion (Mid-America version) 1 time with George Gulas, 1 time with Don Carson and 1 time with Jerry Lawler.

2 Time NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion

AWA Southern Tag Team Champion with Randy Fargo.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Hall of Fame (Class of 1996)

That's an incredible list of accomplisments, it will be interesting to see if WWE or TNA run a "In Memory of Jackie Fargo" image before their shows this week.

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