Saturday, 29 June 2013

RIP Matt Bourne

Across The Pond Wrestling would like to extend it's condolenses to the family and friend's of Matthew Wade Osbourne, who passed away on 28th June 2013, aged 55.

Matthew Osbourne, was better known by the name Matt Bourne, as well for playing the Doink the Clown character. Osbourne also went by the names Big Josh, Bourne Again and Great Mustapha throughout his career.

Throughout his career Osbourne worked for a number of promotions including Portland Wrestling, Mid-South Wrestling, WWF, WCCW, WCW, USWA, ECW, WrestleReunion, WWE and WBW.

Bourne was featured in a number of teamed with a number of wrestlers during his career including Ted DiBiase & Jim Duggan as The Rat Pack, Buzz Sawyer, Steven Regal, Rip Oliver, Jeff Jarrett Ron Simmons, Dustin Rhodes & Tom Zenk, Jerry Lawler and Andrew Martin, Steve Corino & The Masker Superstar.

Bourne had memorable matches at feuds with the likes of Ricky Steamboat (including a spot on the first Wrestlemania), The Iron Shiek, Richard Morton, Tracy Smothers, Crush, Mr. Perfect, Marty Jannety, The 1-2-3 Kid, Bret Hart, Tatanka, Bobby Heenan, Shane Douglas, Dusty Rhodes, The Blue Meanie, Tom Prichard & D'Lo Brown.

Bourne's last appearance on television was a 2007 appearance on the 15th Anniversary episode of WWE Raw, where he competed in a Legend's Battle Royal.

We'll finish by looking at a the Championship Osbourne held during his career.

NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champion with Buzz Sawyer (1980)

NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion (1981)

4 time NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Champion with 2 times with Steven Regal (1981) and 2 times with Rip Oliver (1982)

Mid South Tag Team Champion with Ted DiBiase (1982)

2 time WCWA World Tag Team Champion with 1 time with Buzz Sawyer (1986) and 1 time with Jeff Jarrett (1989)

WCWA Texas Heavyweight Champion (1987)

2 time USWA World Tag Team Champion with Jeff Jarrett (1989)

USWA Texas Heavyweight Champion (1990)

WCW World Six Man Tag Team Champion with Dustin Rhodes & Tom Zenk (1991)

WCW United States Tag Team Champion with Ron Simmons (1992)

CWUSA (Portland) Television Champion (1997)

CWIA World Heavyweight Champion (1997)

WBW Heavyweight Champion (2010)

RIP Matthew Wade Osbourne

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