Thursday, 13 June 2013

WWE Main Event 12th June 2013 Review

This week’s edition of Main Event was slightly disappointing in comparison to the last two episodes which I’ve reviewed, mainly because the Main Event didn’t quite feel big enough, especially with it being a rematch from Raw two days ago.

The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes

The match between these two on Raw, wasn’t a contest I particularly wanted to see again. It was a short contest and saw The Miz get absolutely no offence in until he managed to find a way into the Figure Four Leg Lock for the victory. I was expecting this match to take much the same shape, only in a much longer more drawn out version of Monday’s Match.

The Miz can have some fairly good wrestling matches at times and it’s clear he’s come a long way since his days in ECW, but his matches are rarely particularly exciting to watch, especially since his face turn. This was much of the same with a lot of what was going on in the ring being fairly good, but nothing that would make you sit up out of your seat, and lacked any particular “Wow” moments throughout the contest. For some unknown reason Cody spent a lot of the match working over “The Awesome One’s” arm, which seemed a strange route to go down seeing The Miz has no real arm based holds and Cody doesn’t really use submission holds! However, the spot with Cody sending Miz’s arm into the ring post was well worked and The Miz did a good job of selling the injury.

Strangely, The Miz was allowed to kick out of Cody’s Beautiful Disaster Kick finishing move, it would seem WWE has no plans for Cody at the moment. The ending saw the Miz duck Rhodes and go for a Schoolboy roll up, only to change the pin into the Figure Four Leg Lock for the victory. The Miz might be no Ric Flair, but he has certainly worked hard at coming up with new was to get the Figure Four locked in and he is definitely more adept at that move than when it was first bestowed upon him.

With the triple threat contest with Wade Barrett and Curtis Axel at Payback for the Intercontinental Championship, it seems like a strange decision by WWE to attempt to build the Figure Four up at this time, when the move is going to be difficult to use, as it should get easily broken up. It would have been more interesting to see Cody injure Miz’ knee and the Miz have to win with the Skull Crushing Finale, which would have built the Miz as more than a one move guy. 

Best of the Rest

Damien Sandow was also in action against Sin Cara. Before the contest, Sandow cut a good promo, berating the WWE Universe, and announcing he plans to get his message across through more physical means, as well as putting over his match with Sheamus at Payback Kick-Off. So, we should be to expect a more aggressive side to Damien Sandow over the next couple of months, hopefully this will not be forgotten too soon, as we’ve seen with numerous competitors in past, Kofi Kingston springs to mind.

While the match couldn’t live up to Sin Cara’s match with Antonio Cesaro on Raw, I think that’s more to do with Cesaro being more aware of Sin Cara’s style of wrestling than anything else. The match was worked well by both men, as Sin Cara is beginning to look a lot more comfortable in a WWE ring and was a good opponent to help make Sandow look strong heading into his match with Sheamus. The ending saw Sin Cara miss a Senton Bomb, and Sandow hit his new Silencer finishing move. It was a quick ending and the match would have benefitted from another four or five minutes, but apart from that it did it’s job well.

The Usos continued their recent push with a match against Tons of Funk. There was an interesting face vs. face chemistry throughout, which at times left the crowd a little confused, especially the younger audience. The match at times was slightly drawn out with Tons of Funks spending a lot of the time dancing, which is fine before the match and maybe once during for a comedy spot but every four or five moves it got a bit tedious. Having said this there was a nice near fall with Brodus hitting a Splash on Jimmy only for Jey to make the save, and a ridiculous Samoan Drop from Jey on Tensai. Inevitably, The Usos picked up the winner after a Superfly Splash on Brodus Clay. Hopefully the Usos push continues until they finally gain the tag team titles they deserve, however I can’t see Tons of Funk moving up much higher in the tag team pecking order with the current gimmick.


What have we learned from this weeks WWE Main Event?

1. Focussing on random body parts doesn't lead to a very entertaining match!

2. Damien Sandow works a lot better on the mic when not having to deal with rubbish segments like the Gordian Knot!

3. Wade Barrett is a very good commentator and does a good job of getting over the action in the ring.

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