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Five Questions With... Alex and Rob from Scottish Wrestling Ring

After last weeks interview with Squared Circle Cafe, it's time to for another multi person interview with Alex and Rob from Scottish Wrestling Ring.

Name: Scottish Wrestling Ring (Alex & Rob)
Age: (35 and 39)
Hometown: Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom.
Known For: Running ‘Scottish Wrestling Ring’.

1. When did you first get into wrestling and what drew you to the sport?

When we were very young we used to watch world of sport religiously every Saturday afternoon with our nana Betty who was as much into it as us. Then in 1985 when we were of the ages 7 and 10 our dad borrowed a video tape from his friend, this video tape had an event called Wrestlemania on it from a company called WWF which had aired on cable TV a few days earlier.

Our dad and the us sat down and watched this tape and were instantly hooked. I think a few weeks later we had cable TV in the house as well as our bedroom and from then on we watched every bit of wrestling we could. It was something that a lot of our friends were just getting into as well and we used to hold massive royal rumbles with all of them.

As kids of 7 and 10 we had no grasp of the fact that the matches were pre-determined so it was really story line based for us in the early days. The wrestling addiction continued for both of us through WWF/WWE, WCW, GLOW and Japanese wrestling too whenever it was shown which wasn’t very often.

We used to get the WWF magazine as kids and I remember going home from school at dinner time to watch the WWF cartoon.

This escalated up to the attitude era and later days of WCW and the ECW which we would record and then watch with our pals after the pub (we used to share a flat before we got families).

Now this day in age we can both be found still watching wrestling except it’s usually with our kids now too.

2. Tell us a little about Scottish Wrestling Ring and how it all came about? As mentioned previously we are both massive fans and go mental when there are Scottish wrestlers doing well, Piper (although not really Scottish) as kids to when The Highlanders came in to WWE and then to present with Drew. Recently though the wrestling scene in Scotland has been in such a increase in popularity with the promotions now into double figures as well as a few schools throughout the country. With this the standards of matches and shows have been increasing tenfold with many saying we have the best female division in Europe with ICW: Fierce Females as well as Nikki Storm who is Scottish being the current Pro Wrestling EVE Champion. Wrestling in Scotland is in such a great place and we noticed the upturn of fans and people looking for more information on the promotions and wrestlers. Then one day whilst Rob and his family were at mine we were on YouTube watching Scottish wrestlers and promotions like ICW, SWA, Wrestlezone, Noam Dar, Wolfgang and BT Gunn with both of us seriously impressed fan-boying out and then the idea came about. After both then getting into the Scottish scene, going to events and watching videos from most promotions in Scotland we decided to just go for it and here we now are. 3. What're the main promotions to watch out for in Scotland and who are the hottest Scottish talents at the moment Rob: - Wrestlezone, ICW and SWA as promotions are going great just now with Noam Dar, Nikki Storm and Grado as wrestlers with a shout out to Sterling Oil. Alex: - Like wise to Rob I prefer the promotions that have a touch of a story line to them as it allows you to feel more invested into the match. Wrestlezone, ICW, SWA and SWE are good at keeping an online presence with Wrestlezone, ICW and SWE especially good at keeping you in touch with what is happening storyline wise with their online presence and promos. Wrestlers who are ‘hot’ I would say is BT Gunn, Noam Dar, Kay Lee Ray, Solar, Aspen Faith, Joe & Mark Coffey,  Andy Wild and Ian Ambrose all have a great future but there are many more who could be added, like I could mention another 20 off the top of my head easily. A shout out to some wrestlers who don’t get enough credit they should like Euan G Mackie and Scotty Swift but I don’t want to just name them because everyone attached to the industry in Scotland should be proud of their input.

 4. What are your Top Three matches of all time and why?

  Rob: -
Macho Man Vs. Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3
 Macho Man Vs Steamboat was the first one I watched and thought holy shit and the match I show non wrestling fans.

 Punk vs. Joe in Ring of Honour 2004 Punk vs. Joe I always get emotionally invested in even though I know who wins (WWE should have had a try with Joe like they have Punk, Danielson, Tyler Black and Jon Moxley who are of course doing amazing as Rollins and Ambrose in the shield)

 Lesnar vs. Angle at Wrestlemania 19 Lesnar vs. Angle at wrestlemania 19 ,2 of the greatest wrestlers of all time in my eyes, Lesnar would of had Cena's spot as top man if he never split and didn't like the travel, that wasn't meant as a slight on Cena, I just think its fact and Angle is a machine, that match is the single reason I want Angle back in the WWE, for one more match at the Granddaddy of Them All to avenge his loss the last time and retire but I may be in a minority there.

Alex: -   A.J. Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels (Unbreakable 2005) Another one of my heroes is AJ Styles and I think I have yet to see him put on a bad match and in this match for the X-Division championship it is no different. I am a massive comic book fan as is Christopher Daniels and as we are both X-Men guys I mark for him most of the time so when you throw in Samoa Joe it’s an amazing mix. These guys have met a few times and was probably the my reason for starting watching TNA. Hulk Hogan WHAT HAVE YOU DONE…… The audiences  chanting "Awesome" through the match should tell you how good this is.

 Low Ki Vs. Bryan Danielson Vs. Christopher Daniels – The Era of Honor Begins (2/23/02) Another of my guys is Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) so its no surprise he and Christopher Daniels make my list but this match is special. Mentioned before I am RoH guy and love the promotion but this match kind of started it all. Not long after WCW and ECW had finished and people were screaming out for something different and then this match took place and put RoH firmly on the map. I am not surprised in the slightest at how well D Bry is doing.

 Undertaker v Mankind at Hell in a Cell Undertaker is one of the best WWE has ever had and Mankind (Foley in general) is one of my favourite wrestlers of all time. This match is one I can re watch over and over. The beating that Foley took and then Undertaker injured his ankle in the match too when he jumped down from the top of the cell which was the root cause for why he was on the shelf for about 10 months starting from Summer 1999. WWE just doesn’t have matches like this anymore (unless you are Punk and Bryan).

5. Where can our readers find your work and what have you got coming up? Main site = Facebook = Twitter =

 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We'd like to thanks Alex and Rob for this great interview. Next week: Discover Wrestling

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