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Futureshock 71 Review - Marc Pearson

Tiny little intro before I go on. I'm Marc P and I'm a massive British Wrestling Fan. Some of you may have seen my reviews of both British shows and WWE shows on YouTube. Futureshock is where my love began and they have a very special place in my heart. I'd missed their last show after being out of the country so it was a very long 3 months since I had last ventured to the guild hall in Stockport for my fix. Naturally the show I missed has been called one of the best in company history! Featuring the return to the ring of both Davey Richards and Jack Gallagher, something I was very gutted to miss! Anyway, onto tonight's show which featured the promise of a new Trophy Tournament winner. A fight between 2 brothers over the family name and a guaranteed one on one match for the Futureshock championship after the scheduled match at Futureshock 70 was turned into a fatal four way with the inclusion of the aforementioned Richards and Gallagher. 

Joe Vega defeated T Bone in a decent match to advance to the trophy tournament finals. Bone was actually my pick for the whole tournament as I fully expected Gibson to win the title in the main event and would love to see those 2 have a feud later down the line. After Bone had tossed Vega around like the proverbial rag doll Joe was able to roll up Bone for the win. A very frustrated Bone absolutely destroyed Vega's knee with a pink steel chair after the bout.

In the other semi final Xander Cooper defeated Don Meacho, the 2 stable mates teased fighting after both cutting promos on the Futureshock YouTube page, if I'd done a predictions video as I planned I would have said that I smell a rat. A stable this young would never have in fighting They did tease a few moves but a FINGER POKE OF DOOM got the win for Xander. See some may not like this but I loved it as we had a final where either man winning was good, If Vega overcame the injured leg it was all good and if Cooper defeated an injured opponent, he's a heel so he'll take it. All good 

Got to say that when The Nordic Warrior answered the Blackpool Blondes open challenge my heart sank as I could see his partner being someone like Sparx and it being an easy retain for the Blondes. Seeing Dave Rayne coming out to the closest I've seen to a babyface reaction was surreal to say the least after seeing him as Futureshock's main heel for the best part of 2 years! The match had shenanigans a plenty, Rayne wrestling in the tweener role complete with pulling the ref out to break a pin. I was truly GOBSMACKED when they hit a double team back cracker to get the win. Wouldn't have called that in a million years, I fully expected the Blondes to feud with the absent Project Ego over the tag belts in the new year so this was a big surprise. 

In one of the matches of the night Josh Bodom defeated brother Ryan in a superb contest with the Bodom family name on the line. I've watched a lot of PWG recently and this felt like a PWG match, very spotty match with not a lot of selling or storytelling but the big spots more than making up for it, seeing Ryan rock out a curbstomp made me smile a lot as did Josh's ridiculous chops that left Ryan's chest looking like chopped liver. An ace crusher off the top rope by Ryan was brilliant but a HUGE kick the head followed by a diving lariat got not only the win but the Bodom name as well! 

After the intermission Dan Evans (who is thankfully away from the Health & Safety gimmick he used to be involved with) teamed with Noah to defeat The Wristlock Rovers in an entertaining match. Noah's character work was very impressive here, singing twinkle twinkle little star as he wrestled, rising in intensity as he went along. Little touches like that will make the character go a long way. Wristlock Rovers are always entertaining, a double hiptoss over the ropes is referred to as a throw in and all the usual football references make me smile, DDL hitting a moonsault was new even if it took 2 attempts. Brass knux to the head of DDL by Evans  and I think it was a main event spinebuster by "Princess" Evans got the win.

While the Bodom brothers match was a great match because of its crazy spots. Xander Cooper defeating Joe Vega to win the trophy tournament was great because of some superb storytelling by both men. The story of this one wrote itself as Cooper worked the knee of Vega, Joe sold it like a 10 year veteran, constantly checking it. If he landed on it he grabbed the knee, when he walked he limped, it was all great stuff and the type of thing I wish more wrestlers would employ in their matches. Vega made heroic comebacks with the crowd fully behind him but Don Meacho came out and whacked Vega in the knee with the trophy then the self proclaimed man for all seasons put on what I can only really call a lovely Texas cloverleaf - figure four type thing to get the win. 

After not defending the Woman's championship since Futureshock 68 earlier this year current champion April Davids was stripped of the championship. Danielle Hunter came out and demanded that she be given the belt. But ring announcer Mark Adams informed her that Futureshock management had decreed that she will fight for the vacant championship at the next Futureshock Underground show against the monster Viper!!! That will be one hell of a contest! 

After a match like that it was going to take a really special effort for the main event of Cyanide defending the Futureshock Championship against Zach Gibson to top it, they tried their hardest but in this reviewers opinion they didn't quite do it. That's not to say it was a bad match, it just took a long time to get going. I'm not sure if Cyanide was full of a cold but he looked knackered after a few minutes of not exactly fast paced action. The match picked up when Zach hit a suicide dive onto Cyanide on the outside and he went crashing through the entrance set in an stunning and honestly quite scary moment and the sound guys could have been crushed by falling bits of set. Thankfully they were ok and the match continued with Cyanide's manager Chris Egan going to use powder on Gibson, but Gibson's number 2 for the evening - one Jack Gallagher - stopped his arm mid swing. Jack turned the arm so that the powder was flung into his own charges face. A blinded Cyanide then hit a massive chokebomb on his manager and even covered him thinking it was Gibson. The match then continued at a frantic pace with everyman giving it their all and the volume of the fans going up and up at every near fall until Zach was finally able to hit a Liver Driver (modified brainbuster) for the win and his second Futureshock Championship, becoming the first man in the company's long history to hold the belt 2 times!

I'm biased but there's no such thing as a bad Futureshock show. This was a really good night with some truly stunning in ring action. I can't praise Bodom Vs Bodom and Cooper Vs Vega enough, 2 matches that were completely different styles, yet both were completely captivating. 2 title changes is never a bad thing even if one was a complete surprise. I'm interested to see where the odd pairing of Nordic Warrior and Dave Rayne go from here. The company celebrates its 10th year in 2014 so it's going to be awesome to be along for the ride, and if you live within 50 miles of Manchester, you would be mad to not be there!
As this is my first written review, I apologise if there are any mistakes, so any feedback would mean a lot. And, if you have enjoyed this read please feel free to check out my youtube page at or you can find me on twitter @marcrpearson101

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