Thursday, 9 January 2014

SWE Uprising Presents Seasons Beatings VI Review - Craig Hermit

The show kicked off with a great reception from fans, eager to see more from this organisation that has been growing in there fanbase from the past year's events.

The first match to kick off the show was a Handicap match seeing Johnny Lions vs Euan G Mackie & Jam O’Malley,   those who were excited to see Lions weren't disappointed by the display as he was in control of the match until Mackie blasted him with the ring hammer to the knee and then a following shot to the head from O’Malley with his cane took out Lions again leaving him defenceless, he was forced to submit as O'Malley executed the leglock.

Nikki Storm vs Debbie Sharp was up next. Storm seemed to channelling her inner Trish Stratus in this match, as the fans were clearly on the side side of Sharp. The fans worked hard to fire Sharp up and encourage her to go that extra mile, but it was Storm who was able to get the win after Debbie's high cross body off the top turnbuckle failed to connect, allowing Storm to hit her with the spinning neckbreaker. A credible match.

Braveheart arrived to the scorn of the fans and announced that every winner from tonight will compete in a soul survivor elimination match in the main event. A great addition to an already good card, the fans loved the idea knowing that the heels where 2-0 up already!

The cheers turned to boos again as Braveheart brought out his new security team, The Trident, the fans looked displeased as this new team looked like a copy of the WWE's The Shield. However, this new team under Bravehearts orders attacked Scotty Riccio, but one thing  to take from this angle was one of the members of the Trident performing an amazing 360 shooting star press on Riccio. A good angle, but more needs to be shown to fans that the Trident aren't just a carbon copy.

Chaz Phoenix vs Joe Hendry was next up, and it was clear that Phoenix was here to show dominance over Hendry, despite Hendry's agility in the ring. Phoenix was all business throughout the match to show why he should be a contender for the Heavyweight title, and a point proven when he made Hendry tap to the Texas Cloverleaf.

The SWE Heavyweight Championship match was next, 
Champion Damian O’Connor defending against Ian Ambrose, O'Connor was clearly the champion of the fans as well, as they rained cheers on him and scorn on Ambrose. Ambrose pulled all the stops to show why he was a threat to the Champion, the climax of the good match came when O'Connor accidentally hit the referee with his Brogue Kick and gave Ambrose the chance to hit him with the title belt, fans were in uproar as they couldn't bare to see there Champion defeated this way, but after a near fall O'Connor rallied to connect the Brogue Kick on Ambrose to get the pin and retain the SWE Heavyweight Championship.

Then it was Jason Costello vs Claymore. Costello did everything he could in this match to get under the skin of Claymore but the fans recognising this, repaid in kind by doing the same to him, and it showed as Claymore was in control of the match until after a nearfall. Claymore saw red, arguing with the referee, Costello got the pinfall by rollup.

Next was the Future Division Championship, (champion)Viper vs Sammii Jayne, a competitive match, with women proved why this division is one to watch for great wrestling. Viper showed the fans why she is their Champion by making Sammie Jay tap with the Boston Crab to retain the SWE Future Division Championship, and they were delighted to see their Champion win.

Martyn Stallyon vs Jackie Polo was next, Polo let the fans listen to his singing before the match, and they weren't impressed, both showed great skills and storytelling in the ring, Stallyon was able to get the pin on Polo after Polo connected with the exposed turnbuckle pad he tried to force Stallyon into, falling victim to the frog splash and the fans overjoyed he got the win.

Next was the Elimination match, based on the results before hand it would be 3 vs 4 Survivor Series rules,  Damian O’Connor, Viper & Martyn Stallyon vs Jam O’Malley, Nikki Storm, Jason Costello & Chaz Pheonix. Some great matches and feuds were made to tease the fans, as Costello and Stallyon started the battle, as the match continued, Phoenix pinned Stallyon then Viper pinned O'Malley and O'Connor beat Costello, the fans erupted as Viper battled Storm and on this occasion Viper got the pin, then Pheonix entered and showed no mercy to Viper, almost ready to tap to Pheonix in the boston crab, O'Connor hit Phoenix with the Brogue Kick for Viper to get the pin, leaving the Heavyweight and Future Champion the sole survivors.

As expected, Mr News appeared to picked his tag team partner, despite the threats from Braveheart, Mr News picked Steve Magners as his partner to face The Syndicate on January 25th at ‘Uprising’ much to the fans celebration that Magners returned

This was a great event, and the fans clearly enjoyed, and based on this night showing that this is one organisation to watch for the future. 

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