Friday, 7 March 2014

200th Post

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It's mental to think that this is Across The Pond Wrestling's 200th post! It's been a bit of rollercoaster so far, and we're constantly evolving and finding out what kind of content people want to see! But that's been part of the fun, I hope you're all enjoying what we've got for you, whether that be the interviews we present, PPV or DVD reviews or the occasional opinion piece. 

If you'd have told me when I started this blog up, in April last year, that I'd have interviewed the likes of Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Magnus, Brodus Clay, Matt Striker, JJ Dillon, Bill Apter, The Blossom Twins, the list goes on and on, I'd probably have laughed you out of the room! So thanks to all those people that allowed those things to take place and everyone that took the time to read those interviews! I don't make any money from your views, but they truly mean a lot!

Thanks to anyone who's ever promoted the work that's done here, the guys at 4 Corner's Radio have been great! We've interviewed a lot of those guys, and even caused Martin Dixon to make a T-Shirt about his ;) Big thanks to my buddy Marc P, who has not only written for ATPW (some of our most read articles non-the-less) but I also consider him a friend (all because 2K thought we were important!) There's so many people to mention that have been so good, WrestlingHeels, King Bingus Wrestling, The Wrestling Chronicle, British Wrestling Radio, OSW Review, I've probably missed some! But all those guys are awesome.

I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon and I've got a few cool things planned over the next few months, we've got an special interview with Botchamania's Maffew, the special Wrestlemania XXX celebration article, more opinions piece, more PPV and DVD reviews, more Five Questions With..., more Brit-Wres content, so don't change the dial, kids, stick with ATPW we'll look after you! 

To the next 200! 

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