Monday, 24 March 2014

Daily Royal Ramble #1 (24th March 2014)

I wanted to bring back more content to ATPW, without having to review EVERY wrestling TV show, which let's be honest was a bit crazy! Go check out some of those reviews of random episodes of Main Event, if you wish!

So, I present to you THE DAILY ROYAL RAMBLE! I have to be entirely honest and say I have as much clue about what this will entail as you do, which probably isn't the most reassuring thing to hear in the second paragraph of a blog post. But you've stuck with me this far, so why stop now, eh? I'm like that girl you think you might like, and accidentally marry. What am I saying? You're reading a wrestling blog, you don't know what girls are. Before you come storming out of your Mother's basement, that was a joke!

As today, is Monday, that means we've got Raw just around the corner, and it's the penultimate Raw before Wrestlemania XXX, no less! So it's gonna be a good one right? We've got Arnold Schwarzenegger and some other bloke, which is all well and good, Schwarzenegger is a genuine star, whether he will pull a rating for WWE is yet to be seen, but if he's involved in the action in someway then it'll almost certainly get some outside eyes on the show. However, we'll also be seeing Scooby Doo tonight. Yeah, Scooby Doo, as in the cartoon dog. I have no idea what they are going to do or how they are going to do it, but I'm sure all wrestling fans are currently filled with a sense of dread. Personally, I hope WWE pull a WCW and cross promote a film by giving it's top star the WWE Championship. #ScoobyArquette

Outside of the celebrity appearances, I'm excited to see where the Triple H and Daniel Bryan feud will go next, with two more weeks of content, I'm not quite sure where they can go after the ass whooping Trips handed out to Bryan last week on Raw. We also have Undertaker and Brock Lesnar going "Face to Face", which with each other. I'm not a fan of the "Face to Face" things WWE has had a habit of advertising lately, seemingly they are put there when WWE can't be arsed coming up with an actual storyline and instead just chuck two guys together to cut promos and possibly brawl.

Randy Orton and Batista will no doubt do something. Hopefully we'll see Bray Wyatt in action on Raw, after seeing his Wrestlemania opponent John Cena take on Luke Harper on Smackdown. The storyline is continuing to hold my attention, especially after Cena's interview with Michael Cole on, but it needs that last push over the next two weeks to get me completely hyped for this one. Throw in some more competitors to the Andre the Giant Battle Royal (Better known as "We can't book mid-carder rivalries anymore, so have this instead. YAY BATTLE ROYALS!") and maybe also telling us when The Real Americans and Rybaxel will get their Tag Title shots against The Usos (I wouldn't be against that happening tonight) and this has potential to be another good Raw. (Oh yeah, the divas will do something as well) 

Elsewhere in the wrestling world today, it was announced that Marty Jannetty, synomous with being the least popular member of tag teams, and last seen knocking around WWE with John Morrison and The Miz arguing over which one of them was Jannetty (who knew it was The Miz) is coming to Britain, to wrestle for Southside Wrestling Entertainment in August. Now, I may be completely out of touch as it seemed to get a pretty positive response on Facebook (at least ten people saying "YAY" or the like) but I just don't get the decision to bring him over here. I know imports can be a fairly sore subject in British Wrestling and I need to make it clear that I am not against imports at all, but they need to have a big draw factor and/or be able to wrestle a decent match (the booking is also vital as well). I'm not sure if Jannetty has either of those things. Maybe I'm wrong, and if you think the show will get a higher attendance because of Jannetty's appearance please feel free to tweet me and tell me I'm wrong (and why I'm wrong and with a solid argument), you can find us on Twitter @ATPWrestling or on

I think that'll be all for today, I need to save stuff for the rest of the week, I suppose. So drop by tomorrow, and I'll chuck out a quick Raw review and hopefully some more random thoughts on the wrestling world for you guys.

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