Thursday, 20 March 2014

WWE All Star Search: A Rundown - Adam Ross

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Ladies and more probably, gentlemen. I am Professor Turnbuckle, I am a sociologist who specialises in fan culture, social patterns and most importantly, I am a massive wrestling fan. I am 23 years old and I have watched WWE (F) since I was a toddler in the mid-nineties. For however long I've wanted to do a series examining what I love and those that are involved and now I am setting out to do it.
As of today, I will be looking at WWE shows in a (hopefully) chronological order and analyzing them in my own (hopefully) unique way. This post is just to give you a lowdown of how its going to work and the aims I have for the series.

So here's how I will provide my analysis. The first thing I will provide is the card of the show. That's the simple bit. Following that I will give brief thoughts segment by segment. How I hope to differ here is I will not be doing play by play commentary, you can find that anywhere. I will point out anything that sticks out to me mid-match whether it be comedic, awkward or just plain brutal. Matches will get a rating using the Meltzer star system however they will be based on how much I enjoyed the match. Regarding promo's and interviews, I'll provide the summary and once again, provide my thoughts.

Following that, I will provide each featured performer a score out of 10 for their performance within the show. Once a performer is featured more than once, their score out of ten is added to their previous score for the previous show and this should build up until each performers final appearance, both scores will be shown. These wrestler scores will be based on the following criteria: Psychology, Communication With the Crowd, Crowd Response, Uniqueness, Smoothness of Performance, Character Development Moving Forward.

I am a sucker for trivia and hidden gems so expect lots of them too!

So why am I doing this? 2 reasons! I want to find my personal favourite all time WWE performer and I also want to find yours. I want to work out why people love certain superstars and why some are hated. I want to see patterns between wrestler development and crowd connection in correlation with the time period. I want to understand the true value of production style and features.

Anyway, it's time I start the first show...and we will be starting in January 1984! Pre-Hulkamania (just) and Pre-Wrestlemania. I hope you enjoy it and I would LOVE you to leave your thoughts. I read every one and love seeing your differing views to mine! Onward TurnBucklers!


Thanks to Adam Ross for offering us these articles, you can read more at

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