Friday, 4 April 2014

Daily Royal Ramble #6 (4th April 2014)

So it's been a while since the last DRR and for that I apologise, but I'm back! And a lot has gone on the Wrestling world since I've been quiet. Let's get into it.

Wrestlemania XXX is a mere two days away, the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is tomorrow night, anyone who is anyone is heading to New Orleans (apart from me obviously, I'm stuck in beautiful Aberystwyth) There's a kind of anticipatory feel in the air once again, isn't there?

Everyone seems a little apprehensive about what WWE are going to hand us this year. There hasn't been a REALLY good Mania since 24 and whilst there has been a handful of stand out matches on the last five events (most notably Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker) and some success at the box office, the Show of Shows have been anti climatic at best.

So much of this year's Mania hangs on the outcomes of a handful of matches. If Bray Wyatt doesn't defeat John Cena, no matter how good the match, it will be seen as a mistake by the IWC, I can only imagine the response on Twitter following that result. Even more pivotal is the saga involving Daniel Bryan and The Authority, if WWE continue to hold out on Bryan, it will no doubt effect how people view the show. We all know Bryan is going to get his moment eventually, but if WWE don't pull that trigger on Sunday, they could find many people losing their patience by Extreme Rules in May.

Daniel Bryan and Triple H will be pivotal in the success of Wrestlemania XXX

The results of those three matches, will effect where this Wrestlemania places in the history books, almost definitely. It will be interesting to see if WWE gives the Internet exactly what they want, simply to save another backlash from the fans the night after on Raw!

Right, that'll be it for today. Come back for more ramblings tomorrow!

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