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Daily Royal Ramble #8 (6th April 2014) - WrestleMania XXX Predictions

There's only one thing I can really talk about today, and that has to be my predictions for WrestleMania XXX! I'm sure there's hundred of these things knocking around today, I recommend checking out Marc P's on Youtube (If you're a fan of air fresheners this ones for you), obviously after you've read what I have to say. 

Let's work our way through the card, shall we? 

Kicking off with the Pre-Show, we have The Usos defending the Tag Team titles against The Real Americans, Rybaxel and Los Matadores. This is a pretty throw away match, I expect inoffensive action, that will be watchable, but with nothing of any significance occuring. Los Matores and The Usos will hit dives over the top rope, with The Usos eventually picking up the victory, as they've only just won the belts. The Real Americans seem on the verge of break up, Rybaxel are Rybaxel and Los Matadores are seemingly there for the banter.

Moving onto the show proper, I see The Shield opening the show for the second year running against Kane and The New Age Outlaws. I can't say I'm particularly hyped by this one, the build up has been pretty weak, with The Shield spending a fair few weeks teasing a break up, before Kane, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg were brought into it. I can't look past The Shield picking up the victory in this one, start off the show on a high and possibly put a close to the New Age Outlaws run in WWE. 

The joys of the Vickie Guerrero Invitational something or other, as AJ Lee defends the Diva's title against everyone. We all know this is going to be terrible, there is just no way fourteen women in the same ring is going to equal a good match, especially with one fall to a finish. I forsee AJ retain her title, leading to Paige's debut the next night on Raw, kick starting a feud between the two, but I've got a feeling that might be wishful thinking. My outside bet would go to Summer Rae, as they seem pretty high on her and it would tie in nicely with Total Divas. 

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt is a tricky one, traditional storytelling would call for Cena to overcome the odds and pick up a heroic victory on the biggest stage of them all, but the flipside is the world of good it would do Wyatt, if Cena allowed him to go over clean. Personally, I think we'll be seeing Wyatt in the WWE title picture heading out of WrestleMania and towards SummerSlam, so I'm going to go with Bray Wyatt for this one. Hopefully clean, but it wouldn't surprise me if there's some shenanigans here, allowing for a rematch at Extreme Rules in May. 

Triple H and Daniel Bryan will battle it out for the opportunity to join Batista and Randy Orton in the main event, I think they'll place this one somewhere in the middle of the card. As much as I'd love to see Triple H win for the reactions on Twitter, the mark me really wants Daniel Bryan to win this one and it would seem like the right decision for him to do so. I see Triple H dominating Bryan for most of the match, giving Bryan and absolute beating, before Bryan pulls out the victory. It will be interesting whether they have Bryan win with the knee that beat Cena or the LeBell lock. Personally, I'd have Triple H attack Bryan after the match as well, a tasty sledgehammer attack to add intrigue to the main event. 

Then there's the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, better known as "We can't be arsed with mid-card storylines". I have to admit I'm intrigued with this one and I do enjoy a good battle royal from time to time. If booked right there's space to give a number of performers and opportunity to shine. I expect something crazy out of Kofi Kingston, I expect a load of people to team up to eliminate the big guys and I expect a couple of surprise entrants. Out of all the participants, Alexander Rusev looks like the guy for this one for me, after the build-up over the last few months, it would be great for him to eliminate Big Show or someone similar last and get the heel heat with the trophy. My outside choice for this one is Bad News Barrett, because it'd just make me chuckle.

The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar go head to head, in a match that I don't think anyone gives Lesnar a chance in. That doesn't mean to say this doesn't have potential of being a very good match, because it does! No one gave CM Punk a chance last year, but they managed to put together some nice false finishes, especially the one with the earn and I expect more of the same here. I'd not be surprised to see a lengthy MMA style submission sequence, with Taker's Hells Gate and Lesnar's Kimura Lock, which could be very nice to see, especially if Lesnar works the arm. But yes, in the end Taker comes out victorious, with a possible angle either on the show or on the Raw after WrestleMania to set up his bout for next year. It seems likely to be Sting, but it would be fantastic if it's Bray Wyatt. 

And finally, the main event of the evening. I personally think we will see a Triple Threat here, although I know many are expecting a Fatal Four Way. I don't see Daniel Bryan starting the match, I think we'll see Batista and Orton work the first seven or eight minutes to nuclear heat, with Bryan supposedly out of the match due to the attack by Triple H. Bryan eventually comes out to a huge pop, bandaged and beaten, and battles to an eventual victory, with streamers and all that jazz to close the show. It seems the logical way of doing things, and I'd mark out like a mother bitch for it.

Well, I hope you enjoy the show tonight and I'll see you tomorrow for the review! 

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