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WWE All Star Search #4: 25th August 1984 - Adam Ross

Welcome Turnbucklers! It's edition #4 and we are in Madison Square Garden for another house show! We're a month removed from WWE's groundbreaking show, The Brawl to End it All, so let's see if they are riding a wave of momentum. A couple of new blog appearances in this one including Roddy Piper, Ken Patera and Jesse Ventura. Terry Daniels is also back so here's hoping to see some armbars! Shall we get on with it...?

The Card:

Kamala vs Chief Jay Strongbow

B. Brian Blair vs 'Iron' Mike Sharpe

Rick McGraw vs Salvatore Bellomo

Dick Murdoch/Adrian Adonis (Tag Team Champions) vs The Wild Samoans [Tag Team Title Match]

Ken Patera vs Pat Patterson

Jesse Ventura vs Ivan Putski

Fabulous Freebirds vs Butcher Vachon/Ron Shaw/Pete Doherty

Roddy Piper vs Jimmy Snuka

Terry Daniels vs Fred Marzino

Tito Santana (IC Champ) vs Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine [IC Title Match]

The Show:

Our commentary team for tonight is Gorilla Monsoon and Lord Alfred Hayes.

Kamala vs Chief Jay Strongbow

Chief Jay Strongbow is already in the ring when Kamala heads out to his awful music with Freddie Blassie and Friday. Kamala is slapping that belly so I guess he means business. He won't let go off his spear so lots of stalling is a foot (no pun intended). Gorilla tells us to note the serious expression on Strongbow's face but to be honest, he just looks bored...slightly melancholic. Strongbow uses his quickness in the beginning and nails some chops and punches but Kamala no sells and goes to work on Strongbow. Kamala misses a splash and Strongbow gets a sleeper on briefly. Kamala takes back control with nothing more than weak looking chops and punches. This goes on for about a minute until Strongbow has enough and fires himself up. He nails a couple of chops and kicks and charges at a cornered Kamala. Unfortunately he eats nothing but boot and then eats nothing but a splash and that gets the 3 count. Squash match with two wrestlers with huge limitations. Match Rating: DUD

B. Brian Blair vs 'Iron' Mike Sharpe

Straight to the ring for our next match and we get more first time blog appearances. Future Killer Bee, B. Brian Blair who gets a decent reaction and 'Iron' Mike Sharpe who gets decent heat. Sharpe makes sure we and the crowd know his biceps are 20 inches. Apparently they call Sharpe 'the wimp' which for a wrestler must be crap. Stalling by Sharpe to start to big heat as he mouths off to the crowd and avoids Blair. They lock up and swap wristlocks and Sharpe escapes to the apron. Funny criss-cross spot whereby Sharpe outsmarts Blair. They repeat the spot but this time Blair nails some dropkicks and armdrags to put Sharpe in his place. Sharpe brings a chair in the ring but immediately drops it back outside. Sharpe takes control and starts working on the eyes of Blair. He then moves to working on the neck, dropping Blairs neck across the top rope repeatedly. Blair reverses a whip into a nice monkey flip out the corner followed by a really nice flying head scissors which sends Sharpe reeling to the outside. Nice! Sharpe back in and partakes in some more mouthing off before being refused a handshake. So much stalling by Sharpe here and it seems slightly misplaced within the match. Blair with a cheap shot and starts working over Sharpe's leg. Sharpe regains control with knees and armdrags followed by a lovely double backbreaker which is held into the submission attempt but Blair escapes. More back and forth action until Blair is just plain thrown outside to boo's. Sharpe with more taunting of the crowd and he heads outside to Blair and rams his head into some chairs. At this point Blair surely should've been counted out once Sharpe got back in the ring about 30 seconds ago. Sharpe still won't let Blair back in the ring so Blair sneaks under the ring across the other side, back in the ring and levels Sharpe with right hands and an elbow from the second rope. Out goes Sharpe and Blair follows with an elbow to the outside. They slug it out and the bell rings for the double countout and crowd seem slightly peeved. Good match, Sharpe was really fun to watch, had good aggression and I liked those backbreakers. Blair had a good one in this showing off a good array of moves and a good quick pace. Match Rating: **1/4

Salvatore Bellomo vs 'Quick Draw' Rick McGraw

I think this is face vs face and I don't know why this match is featured apart from it being filler. Back and forth to start with the swapping of headlocks. McGraw hits a nice array of armdrags and locks in an armbar. Nice sequence where Bellomo manages to hit a scoop slam while in the armbar, but the armbar is kept on by Bellomo throughout and keeps control. A drop toe hold leads to a hammerlock for McGraw. Hip lock by Bellomo but McGraw gets him back in the armbar. McGraw ought to have a chat with Terry Daniels and swap armbar notes. It last forever until McGraw works it into a nice cradle for 2. Not seen that before! Test of strength between the two which McGraw wins and manages to bridge Bellomo and a lovely counter sequence ensues followed by some mat wrestling, all very crisp! McGraw ends up locking the armbar back on and uses his knees to add further damage. Bellomo gets him up on his back, goes to drive him in the corner but actually places him on the ropes and they both let go and shake hands to big boo's from the crowd. What was so sweet I now have diabetes...weird. Headlock by Bellomo but McGraw gets an armdrag, goes for a monkey flip but Bellomo lands on his feet and nails a cross body for 2. McGraw takes back control and goes back to an armbar. Christ, we've got a Terry Daniels match later too. Cut to random grizzled old man watching on and back to the ring and Bellomo sends McGraw to the outside. McGraw nails a sunset flip for 1 but Bellomo replies with an uppercut and a stomp. Both men start to get aggressive and have a cat fight. Bellomo works on McGraw's legs until both men knock each other out with parallel shoulderblocks and then again with parallel dropkicks. And again! ...And again into a 2 count for Bellomo. Scoop slam by Bellomo for another 2 and McGraw gets a 2 of his own via a small package. The bell rings during a sunset flip pin attempt by McGraw but its the time limit expiring. It's a draw and this one needed a winner. Good action from both men with some unique offense. Bellomo blesses America and everyone shakes hands. Aww. Match Rating: **

Into the back with the tag champs, Murdoch and Adonis. They say the wrecking crew is gonna wreck everything and we see a brief glimpse of Captain Lou Albano talking to the champs before the match even though he's the Wild Samoans manager. Hmm, fishy.

Adrian Adonis/Dick Murdoch (Tag Team Champs) vs The Wild Samoans [Tag Team Title Match]

Big cheers for the Samoans and big boo's for the champs. Albano is our special ref in this one which makes the earlier backstage clip even fishier. Sika and Adonis start us off with a lockup and Sika hits a back drop on both heels before taking control on Sika. The champs regroup on the outside, get back in the ring but neither heel can take control on Sika. A double elbow by the champs is sold and they both get sent back outside for a slow count by Albano. The heels regroup again and Murdoch finally takes control with punches and elbows. Sika with a slam on both heels. Afa in as well and both champs eat more scoop slams and Murdoch eats a double clothesline. Murdoch forgets the Samoan hard head rule tries a charge into the corner and eats knees. He stumbles to the wrong corner for a tag which gets him a punch in the face but he finally finds Adonis for the tag. Adonis comes in a quickly locks on a sleeper hold while Murdoch nurses himself on the outside. Afa escapes and Adonis tags back out to Murdoch who methodically works over Afa until he misses an elbow and suffers an atomic drop. In comes Sika but the champs double team him in the corner. Adonis nails a scoop slam and heads to the top rope but gets crotched and headbutted outside. Murdoch in for a double headbutt but Albano doesn't count the 3 and instead rings the bell. He raises the champs hands because they won by DQ as Sika didn't have hold of the tag rope, huh. The Samoans want revenge and chase the heels off but keep hold of the belts. Match was OK but the Samoans are too basic even for 1984. Murdoch was all punches and elbows in this one too. Match Rating: *1/4

Ken Patera vs Pat Patterson

Both men are out of date at this point so I'm not expecting a classic. This is Patera's return to MSG after 4 years. Patera by the way looks like a poor man's Ric Flair. Patera shows off his strength and Patterson responds with a headlock. Armbar by Patterson, forearm by Patera but he eats a flying cross body by Patterson! A flying stooge! Patera with some hard right hands and Patterson responds with some of his own. Patera manages to end up stuck in the ropes but Patterson doesn't take much advantage. Patera goes for a boot but Patterson catches it, floors Patera, drags him to the ringpost and rams his knee into it a couple of times. Patera sells it slightly and takes control with a backbreaker for 2. He puts on a sleeper hold which Patterson tries to reverse into a wristlock...but ends up in a chinlock. Patera taunts the crowd but they don't care, thats not good after 4 years gone. Patterson escapes another chinlock attempt and levels Patera with a slingshot to the corner for 1. Scoop slam by Patterson and he goes up top but Patera rolls out of the way. A botched powerslam attempt by Patera ends up straddling Patterson across the top rope. Patera locks on the full nelson and Patterson can't escape so Patera gets the win! Wasn't as bad as I was expecting but wasn't much better. Match Rating: 3/4*

We head to the back with Jesse Ventura who tells Ivan 'Paduski' to expect a beating tonight and that he will become the number 1 contender. He looks like a travesty both in the back and in the ring. He's wearing some weird purple potective goggles and a sparkly green buret, bearing in mind his awful hair style poking through. He looks like a gay alien wizard. 

Jesse 'The Body' Venture vs Ivan Putski

In the ring and Ventura doesn't look much better. His hair is multicoloured which doesn't distract from his bald bounce surrounded by streaks of long hair. Ventura tries to take advantave straight away but it backfires and Putski takes control. Ventura awkwardly sells a punch to the stomach and falls outside. Back in the ring and then straight back out for Ventura to get his breath back. Putski, the little roid ball, is pumped up. No countout for Ventura despite him being outside for well over a minute. Billy Connelly! That's who Ventura looks like! Headlock by Putski and a slap on the bald spot for Ventura. Ventura driven head first into the mat and eats some vicious kicks. The crowd is RED HOT! Jesse does some sneaky heel antics with his wrist tape which the tries yet fails to see. Ivan knicks the wrist tape now and uses it himself to strangle Ventura and the ref does...nothing. They bail outside and onto the apron, Jesse pulls something out his tights and nails Putski outcold. Ventura wins via countout. Crap match although the crowd were hot. Jesse just knows how to be hated. Match Rating: 1/4*

The Fabulous Freebirds vs Ron Shaw/Butcher Vachon/Pete Doherty

This is a 2 out of 3 falls match will they failed to mention until mid-way through the match. So here we have the Fabulous Freebirds who gained success all over the countries territories. They had a massive feud with the Von Erichs which is still mentioned to this day. Their opponents are Jobber UTD and I can only see one winner here. The match was an elongated squash match. Basic moves mixed in with a series of awkward dances and gyrations from the Freebirtds. Michael Hayes is especially irratating and I think he thought he was way better than he actually was, he was definitely sloppy in this. Terry Gordy is a big lad and he showed it off here. He looks like a swollen Bob Orton in my eyes. Buddy Roberts was as vanilla as they go. The jobbers did there bit. I always have a soft spot for Butcher Vachon because he just physically stands out. Freebirds win by two straights falls, neither anything beyond average. Match Rating: *

Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka vs 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper

Straight into the next match and the crowd are hot for this one. Snuka is looking for revenge after attacks and jibes from Piper throughout the year. Even before we start the intensity is staggering. Snuka doesn't even blink during his long stare with Piper. Piper gets solid heat and even gets nailed with flying debris from the crowd and this is his first in-ring appearance of the series so he finally starts getting scored! Action is hot from the beginning with the intensity through the roof. Snuka gets the early control using his martial arts. I don't really like martial arts in wrestling as most the time it seems far too staged and lothargic. Snuka is a good example of that here, stalling after every chop. He gets heat but how heated is a blood match if you pose in the early all in fact? Piper gets control using heel tactics like a sneaky thumb to the eye but his domination is stop and start. Snuka uses a sleeper which baffles the commentary team. Surely he's picked it up by watching endless of others in other matches at least. I bet he's mastered the arm bar too. Piper goes into the ringpost and tries to use a chair by fails. He busted open though from the post shot and the crowd are louder than chavs on the tram. Piper stops Snuka in his tracks when he goes up top and he takes a nasty tumble outside giving Piper the countput win. Theirs afters as Piper lets loose with a chair on Snuka's neck. Snuka does a stretcher job as the commentators play it serious. The crowd want Piper's blood...which is luckily for them, pouring out his noodle. Match Rating: ***

Terry Daniels vs Fred Marzino

Time to count the armbars, if there's any less than 4, I'll riot...or at least be slightly disgruntled. We don't even show the match's early goings as instead we watch a zombie-fied Jimmy Snuka backstage. We cut back to the match for literally a glimpse of Armbar #1 before going back to Snuka having his pulse checked...he's still not dead. Back to the match for Daniels IN an armbar...doesn't count. Back to Snuka 5 SECONDS later and now he's being bandaged. Is this Holby City? Seriously, we're on Snuka for minutes while the match is going on. Back to the ring to a backslide for 3! Why bother keeping this on the card for home viewers?? Altogether...less than 20 seconds of match and worst of all, only one armbar from Daniels. Match Rating: One a scale of * - Jimmy Snuka,  I'm giving this one...a Snuka!

Tito Santana (IC Champ) vs Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine [IC Title Match]

This one should be alright given that we actually get to see it. Santana starts in control and Valentine does his Valentine begging off. Has that ever worked Greg? For you or Flair. Valentine does get control not long after using his normally aggressive punches and nails a lovely shoulderbreaker for 2! Valentine bitch slaps him and Santana responds by punching like a bitch. Into the back to see Snuka being stretchered out and I don't think today's audience would appreciate missing the main event. Back to the ring for a glimpse of a chinlock and straight back to Snuka while Monsoon tells us to say a prayer for Snuka. How many kids did pray that night and how embarassed would the now athiests be that they did? Valentine still in control while Santana tries to fight back. Ref bump and Valentine tries to take advantage but eats a flying jalepeno forearm for the 3 count for Tito! Valentine locks on the figure four afterwards and poses with the IC belt afterwards. He looks pissed and shocked when Santana was announced the winner...which makes NO SENSE as Valentine lost clearly. No point in the ref bump in this one. Match Rating: *1/2 of that what I saw.

That's all we have folks for tonight as the commentators worry about Jimmy Snuka and Tito gets interviewed by Lord Al. Santana makes some noises I never want to hear from him again.

Wrestler Scores:

  • Kamala +2 (2)
  • Chief Jay Strongbow +2 (5)
  • B. Brian Blair +4 (4)
  • Iron Mike Sharpe +3 (3)
  • Rick McGraw +3 (3)
  • Salvatore Bellomo +3 (9)
  • Dick Murdoch +3 (6)
  • Adrian Adonis +4 (7)
  • Afa +2 (7)
  • Sika +2 (7)
  • Ken Patera +3 (3)
  • Pat Patterson +2 (2)
  • Jesse Ventura +4 (4)
  • Ivan Putski +2 (4)
  • Michael Hayes +2 (2)
  • Buddy Roberts +2 (2)
  • Terry Gordy +3 (3)
  • Ron Shaw +1 (3)
  • Butcher Vachon +1 (3)
  • Pete Doherty +1 (1)
  • Roddy Piper +7 (7)
  • Jimmy Snuka +6 (10)
  • Terry Daniels +1 (3)
  • Fred Marzino +1 (1)
  • Tito Santana +5 (17)
  • Greg Valentine +6 (9)

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