Wednesday, 11 June 2014

WWE The John Cena Experience (Single Disc) DVD Review

WWE's re-release of The John Cena Experience is out now on DVD, available from and, currently priced between £5.20 and £6.95. The single disc set budget version of the original three disc set, contains a documentary that looks at John Cena's public life around the time of WrestleMania XXVI in 2009. 

This re-release of the original three disc The John Cena Experience as a single disc "budget" release is one that on the surface seems like a good idea. Plenty of John Cena's fanbase may not have been fans back in 2010 when the set was originally released and therefore this fairly cheap option may well appeal to parents who are after something to entertain the kids on one of the many rainy days that we can expect over the summer holidays. I wouldn't be surprised if there are plans to re-release other documentaries on the likes of Randy Orton or The Rock in this fashion. 

 However, the content is not particularly kid friendly, that's not to say that the content is unsuitable for children, it's just painfully dull, with very few bells and whistles to keep the kids quiet for the entire two hours. The documentary follows Cena around his public life, giving behind the scenes looks at some of Cena's appearances throughout the year. At times it does feel like a simple promotional tool to showcase WWE's numerous partnerships, with the likes of Mattel and Make A Wish. There's also some promo for Cena's Legendary film, as well as his appearance in USA show Psych, featuring SOME GUYS! It is, of course, very pro-Cena, we see Cena's car mobbed at the Fiesta Bowl parade, we are reminded how good an actor Cena is by his co-stars, what a great guest he is to have on your TV show and how amazing his album and rapping ability is.

      Throughout the documentary, Cena does come across as a really nice guy, his work for Make-A-Wish and the way he deals with fans throughout, seem both natural and endearing. The time and pride he takes in meeting members of the US armed forces is also commendable. However it's when Cena seems to be ad-libbing that it begins to become interesting. When he talks about meeting The Marine and Psych co-star Robert Patrick for the first time, Cena is genuinely funny and it's more moments of the real Cena that are needed to create something interesting. 

 Overall, I didn't have a great time watching The John Cena Experience, it is outdated and the look that it gives feels contrived and false. There are much better behind-the-scenes type documentaries out there like Beyond the Mat or Wrestling with Shadows and even the Total Divas gives a better look a Cena's personal life, even in it's "constructed reality" mould. Whilst it's not massively expensive, it's not massively entertaining either. 

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