Monday, 30 March 2015

Opinion: Don't Be A Dick

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Inspired by the main rule of Progress Wrestling, after which this article is named, this is a kind of open letter to twatty wrestling fans at wrestling shows.

Don't be a Dick.

Are you the kind of person that likes to chant wrestlers old gimmicks or real names at them? The kind of person that chants for CM Punk at any given opportunity? The kind of person who takes it upon themselves to ruin a show for anyone who might happen to enjoy what is being presented? Then you, good sir, are a dick. Don't be. 

Look it's Husky Harris!

Wrestling is fun. At least, it should be. Yeah, sometimes watching wrestling isn't as fun as we'd like it to be, and certain elements of main stream wrestling may not appeal to our particular tastes, but to remove the potential for someone else to enjoy that situation is not cool. Not cool at all.

Yes, a ticket has been paid for and yes, you can voice your opinion on what you're seeing in any way you see fit. That's the dynamic of a wrestling show. But that doesn't mean you should be disrespectful to performers, the people around you, who happened to pay the same amount you did.

If you don't think someone is very good, your deathly silence will say more than a boo ever could. If you think a heel is a fantastic worker, your boos will be much greater appreciated as that's the reaction they are attempting to get. It's a simple formula, that very few wrestling fans seem to get these days. Of course, we're all too grown up to boo at a wrestling show. That would be ridiculous, eh? 

PROGRESS Wrestling is coincidentally one of those strange places that just get's it, when it comes to fan interaction. The heels, like Jimmy Havoc are heels and the crowd boos them like there's no tomorrow, with each reaction causing a bigger reaction from the opposite party. At the same time, the babyfaces, like Will Ospreay, are babyfaces, and the crowd cheers them on in all they do, with each reaction causing a bigger reaction from the opposite party. 

We all have our preferences when it comes to wrestling, these just happen to be mine when it comes to crowd behaviour and interaction, you may have your own. But as long as you remember the golden rule, don't be a dick, we'll be just fine!

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