Monday, 30 March 2015

Sites Better Than This

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It's always good to share a little love for products you enjoy. So I thought while I'm here today I'd spend a brief moment talking about blogs, podcasts and the like that I happen to be digging at the moment. Digging is a great word.

Marc Pearson

Marc Pearson does wrestling reviews on Youtube. Recently he's mostly been focusing on his Ten Years Ago.. and 1999 Sucked Series, but there's a wealth of content across his Youtube channel. I could watch Marc's videos til the cows come home. It helps that we are pretty good pals, I suppose. Always informative and laugh out loud funny, Marc never minces his words when it comes to terrible wrestling. And you never know when an emergency service vehicle might turn up! You can check out his channel here


I have so much time for WrestleRopes. I love being able to keep up with results of shows as they happen and WrestleRopes always seem to have the quickest results for British wrestling shows on the web, all in one place. The site looks great and it's easy to navigate to find what you need to know, when you need to know it. It's clear a lot of work is put into keeping the site running, due to the sheer volume of content produced and companies they cover. They've got me out of many a long journeys boredom! Check them out here.


OSWtv is Billy Strachan, our man north of the border. His dedication to getting the word out about Scottish wrestling and supporting the scene top to bottom deserves to be recognised here. The site is updated regularly with interviews with numerous wrestlers and talent, as well as preview, reviews and all other sorts of good stuff. So good in fact that we asked Billy to write our Over the Border series! Check out OSWtv here.

British Wrestling Radio

This is a site that I just don't frequent enough. Put quite simply Deano Mitchell is an inspiration to us all, kicking cancers butt and raising money for anything and everything. The bloke is a machine. His shows are always entertaining, and even branch outside of wrestling. Deano will let you know what he thinks and you won't want to argue with him! You can check BWR out here.

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