Monday, 30 March 2015

The Best of The Bella Twins

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The Bella Twins! NIKKI AND BRIE! Who doesn't love the mischievous twosome? Always up to their antics and what have you. They are essentially WWE's version of the Chuckle Brothers. And here for the first time ever, ATPW presents to you their most incredible moments within the wrestling world and beyond.

All those times they used "Twin Magic" 

The crazy antic of switching which Bella was in a match without the referee noticing. This happened on multiple occassions throughout their tenure, from Brie's 2008 debut on Smackdown against Victoria and to be quite honest I'm not sure how they got away with it for so bloody long. Surely, at some point there was a meeting and the referees decided to put a stop to this bullshit that was costing people matches and what have you. 

Wardrobe Malfunction

A big moment in the career of the Twins was #NipGate. When Brie's sneaky little chap just wanted to see what the situation was on Raw. Not one to be out done, Nikki would get involved on the raspberry ripple action later on also. #FreeTheNipple guys. 

When Brie discovered Nikki's vibrator on Total Divas 

One of the highlights of the first series of Total Divas, was Brie stumbling upon Nikki's recently used vibrator. It was the behind the scenes look that we'd all been asking for and the kind of thing that really made the Bella's stand out ahead of the rest of the Diva's division at the time. Total Divas and the vibrator incident in particularly catapulted them into super stardom worldwide.

The Jerry Springer Segment

The pinnacle of the Bellas 2014 feud, that definitely ended up going somewhere and didn't waste countless minutes of television was a segment involving Jerry Springer trying to sort out their problems. Classic promos were cut, someone described it as "better than Hard Times", someone ran into a lake in order to calm themselves down and The Smiths agreed to reunite to pay homage to the moment. Such incredible wordship.


So, as you can see The Bella Twins are bloody great. They've had many a memorable moment and have became synounoumous with greatness.

*In all fairness The Bella Twins have been on good Form in recent months and their WrestleMania match was actually quite good, I should probably feel bad about writing this article. But I don't.*

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