Monday, 30 March 2015

Why Mind?

Hello and welcome to ATPW24. Today, I'll be attempting to write 24 separate blog articles looking at professional wrestling in a 24 hour time span. Beginning a 4am on the 30th March and concluding at 4am on the 31st. This isn't because I'm a bit nuts and like to put myself through stupid activties just for the hell of it. No, ladies and gentleman, it's for the good people at MIND, the mental health charity. 

There are many reason why I chose MIND as the charity that ATPW24 would focus on. The most important of these has been my ongoing battles with depression and anxiety over the last few years. Later on, I'll be going into this in a little more details, in an article about how professional wrestling has helped me at some of my lowest points, whilst reinforcing those moments when I am well. It's also an issue that seems particularly poignant within the realms of professional wrestling itself, both in front of a crowd and behind the curtain. In another article later on I'll be looking at how professional wrestling has presented mental health over recent years and how exactly it could improve when portraying such characters.

Outside the upcoming articles, I think mental health is a subject that people need to start talking about. People shouldn't feel scared to talk out when they are feeling unwell. People shouldn't be afraid to tell someone they have suffered or are suffering from a mental illness. Someone who feels they have no other option but to commit suicide, should not be branded as "cowards" who took the "easy way out".In a time when Western society has made great strides, it's time that mental health was treated in the same way as any other kind of health. This is an attempt to get people talking and too raise an issue that needs to be raised.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming articles, but most of all I hope you donate towards this great cause by going to or texting "ATPW62" followed by your amount to 70070.

Remember when talking about this event on Social media use #ATPW24  

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