Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Wrestling Pet Peeves

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I'm sure you've got your set of wrestling pet peeves, you know, the things that no matter will annoy you or you straight up don't like. It could be something very specific like how John Cena applies the STF, it could some more general like bleeding matches. But we've got them. Here's mine.

1. The Champion coming out first before a match

It's just wrong, the champion is the champion, they have earned the privilige to come out last. If you want them to come out first then why did you make them your champion in the first place? I obviously wouldn't go around knocking star ratings off of matches because of it, but it certainly doesn't put me a favourable mood heading into the match.

2. One rule for one, another rule for another.

What I mean by this is having a low blow occur right in front a referee in one match and then having someone get disqualified for failing to break a hold in the next. WCW is famous for this...because WCW. I'm not sure whether it's a lack of communication between agents or what have you, but I've seen this happen in indy promotions also. Maybe we're not supposed to notice? 

3. Inappropriate Chanting

I kind of touched on this in my "Don't be a Dick" article earlier on. If your at a wrestling show, watch the wrestling that you paid to see. You are not the show, the show, surprisingly, is the show. It grinds my gears it really does.

4. Unprotected chair shots

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Especially in 2015 with all we know about concussions and impact. If a performer doesn't care about their own well being, that's fine, it really is. Just don't do it in front of me or on my TV. Cheers.

5. Selective Selling

Having someone work a body part all, then not selling it, submitting to a move on that body part and then walking out to the back still not selling. What's the point of that, eh? If someone's battering your arm it doesn't just hurt when they hit it or kick it, it hurts afterwards, it hurts when you try and use a move involving the arm, it hurts when the referee rises your hand after a match. Maybe it's the actor in me that expects the same level of commitment I'd put into a role from a wrestler I've paid to see. Many many do sell very very well, but those select few, we'll need to have words.

So there's a random wrestling fans list of things that annoy him about wrestling. Kind of a downer of an article...sorry...erm...here's a picture of a teddy bear wearing a John Cena top.

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