Monday, 30 March 2015

WWE Hall of Fame 2016 Predictions

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Now, the title of the article might say predictions, but this is going to more like a random list of names than anything resembling a coherent argument for why these name will be in next year. So don't come running to me when every single one of them is wrong!

The Undertaker

It writes itself really doesn't it? Undertaker's hometown, one last hurrah at WrestleMania, preceeded by entering WWE's Hall of Fame the night before. Imagine Undertaker's speech, after being inducted by lil' bro Kane, shootin' the shit with all the decades of knowledge that he's built up. There is really only one headliner for next year's Hall of Fame, isn't there? And that is The Deadman.

Davey Boy Smith

If only so poor Michael Finney of "Team DBS" can finally relax! It's another long overdue induction for the Davey Boy and next year could be his year. It's always heart breaking to see someone inducted posthumously, but Davey's family would do a fantastic job with an acceptance speech, and Bret Hart would stand out as an ideal inductor for the former Intercontinental Champion!


Let's make this thing fully international, let's reach all the way to Uganda! The Ugandan Giant hasn't been seen for a good few years in WWE, but his belly smacking antics certainly made an impact during his run. Jerry Lawler stands out as a potentially inducter for Kamala. The only question would be whether Kamala would break character for his induction speech!

Baron von Raschke

Representing the old school, von Raschke shouldn't be held back by his limited time in the WWE, after seeing a number of dudes who never even wrestled for the Fed get inducted in recent years. He's a well known name with a recognisable gimmick, who held numerous titles through the seventies, eighties and even into the nineties. Surely von Raschke is due an induction into the HOF?


Another Texas boy who's winding down his in-ring days after a tremendous return to the WWE. Is there a better way of capping off that return then having his father "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes cement his legacy by inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame? An always entertaining character and an underrated in-ring performer, 2016 could be Goldie's year.


Almost certainly the most controversial pick, but Chyna fits two categories WWE looks to fill. She's a woman and she'll add that shock value both for the announcement and the ceremony itself. Just who'd be willing to inductee her I'm not sure, but if it means she stops doing weird Youtube videos it'd make me a happy man.

Celebrity Inductee
David Arquette

Simply because someone has to go in. Let it be Arquette for the banter. He held the World Heavyweight title, that's more than Roddy Piper ever did and he's in.

So, there you have it, seven of the greatest ever names to grace the sport of professional wrestling...but how many will get inducted into next years Hall of Fame? We'll just have to wait and see.

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