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TNA Impact Wrestling's Robbie E Interview

We spoke to TNA Impact Wrestling wrestler, former TNA X Division Champion and Bro-Mans member, Robbie E on Wednesday 31st March 2015. Topics include breaking into TNA, the recent TNA UK tour, his feud with Brooke Adams, the current TNA set up and more.

ATPW - Let's get straight into it. How did you break into TNA (in 2010)? Who was it that brought you in in the first place?

Robbie E - I just had a dark match (Editor's Note - Interestingly enough opposite Max Buck, better known as Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks), set up through Terry Taylor who was working for TNA at the time. While I was there they were looking for a Jersey Shore character and they knew I was from Jersey. It kind of worked, right place, right time.

ATPW - So Jersey Shore was obviously an influence on the character, who has been an influence in terms of your wrestling style? 

Robbie E - I get asked that question a lot, and there's not really one. I've watched wrestling since I was four, I got into it because my older brother loved it. There isn't one person that I've patterned myself after. I liked characters, I like colourful stuff. I think all pro wrestlers are wacky, wild and different. I'm kind of crazy and wacky and I think that comes across watching me. When I think of what I was gonna do, I guess pro wrestling was the answer. 

ATPW - How did the 2015 TNA UK Tour in January compare to previous year's tours for you?

Robbie E - Every time was know, the whole roster, production, everyone knows we're coming to the UK, the whole month leading up we get excited. Most people get new gear, we're hitting the gym harder, we're tanning, it's a big, big time of the year for us. We love the crowds. This year has served like it has every other year, we've had great crowds, great TV shows were produced. Magic happened, like it always does. I'm already excited for next year.

ATPW - You've also spent some time on the UK independent scene over the last weekend, how did you find that?

R.E. - It was fun. The fans, you know Impact Wrestling is a very big deal in the UK, so going over there you feel appreciated and loved. The fans appreciate what you do, so it was fun to go there in a more intimate setting where you some more time to talk to the fans and mingle with them a little bit and see what they like and dislike. The shows that I worked at were great. I was in Dunstable, England (Total Action Wrestling) and I was in Birmingham (Kamikaze Pro). They were two great shows. I arrived Saturday morning, I left Monday morning. Less than 48 hours. I got talk to a lot of up and coming guys, everyone in the UK is hungry and cordial and polite, so it was a great experience.

ATPW - Was there anyone in particular that caught your eye over here?

R.E. - No one specific. The guys were good, but I was so busy that I didn't get to watch a lot of the show. I was so busy running around all day.

ATPW - Recently on Impact Wrestling, we've seen you opposite Brooke. How did you approach working a feud with a female, as opposed to a more traditional male v. male feud?

I approach it the same way, there's really not a way of approaching it. We were an item, we're not anymore. I hate her, she hates me. We got it on in the ring. I approach it with how I take her, not very seriously. She's not a very athletic person, she's a joke to me. I didn't want to be the guy who hits her in the face, or have it where it's a guy beating up a woman. That is sadly how she ended up beating me somehow. 

ATPW - If you could have a match with anyone tomorrow, who would it be?

Right now, being a former X-Division Champ, Television Champ and two-time Tag Champion, the only title I haven't had it the World title and by getting that I could be a grand slam champ, which is a very short list. Therefore I'd like to get a title shot and go one on one with Kurt Angle. We've wrestled once in the past, a few years ago, Bound for Glory Series, he got the best of me in a short amount of time. But Robbie E's in a different place now and I think I could give him a fighting run for his money.The Olympic Gold medallist vs. Robbie E, that's what I want to happen.

ATPW - Out of everyone that you have faced, who's been your favourite person to work with outside of the Bro-Mans? 

R.E. - There's so many guys on the roster that are awesome and that I've had awesome matches with. The Wolves, in tag team action. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Eric Young, those are some of my favourite, Magnus. There's really not one, our roster is so jacked and loaded with great wrestlers, that's it's difficult to just pick one.

ATPW - Since you've been in TNA, we've seen a lot of changes, how do you feel the current set-up compares to previous set-ups?

R.E. - I think now is better than ever. I think the talents better, the production, the way the show lucks. At least in America, the new TV station we're on, we love. Everyone is positive, we're moving in the right direction. We're good, I think we're better than ever. There's not really a negative thing you can say about it. Sure thing change often, but change is good, it's good to keep things ever changing, because it keeps the wrestlers on their toes, it keeps the fans excited because there's always new thing happening. We just got back a few months ago, the six sided ring.

ATPW - How does that six sided ring compare to a traditional ring, from a wrestlers point of view? 

R.E. - Everyone's got their flavour of what they'd chose. When I think wrestler, I'm not going to lie, I do think of a four sided ring, BUT I also love the six sided ring. The thing about the six sided ring is, we own that, TNA's got that, no one else does, that's something that stands out. Being different and something that stands out is a good thing, it makes you memorable. We have something that no one else has, so the six sided ring brings something different to the table, brings something different for the fans, I love it. 

ATPW - Around June time, TNA usually announces who it's next Hall of Famer is going to be, who would you like to see go into the Hall of Fame?

R.E. - Besides myself? I guess it's too early for me, I've only been there five years. I mean there's a lot of guys who are deserving of it. Active guys that I think are close to it, we have put active guys into it before, Kurt Angle, Team 3D, Sting, so I'm going to say...Bobby Roode is getting closer to deserving it. He's been there pretty much, close to day one. I would say Bobby Roode or a guy like James Storm. James Storm has been there since Day 1, Bobby Roode has been there pretty close to since Day 1. They've both pretty much been every show and always work their ass off here for TNA, so they are guys that definitely in the future deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame. 

ATPW - I'm going to wrap things up with the same question I asked Rockstar Spud, where do you see yourself in five years time? Where is Robbie E in 2020?

I think, by then I'll be a World Champion where I've held every title. Definitely still a part of TNA Wrestling family in some capacity, I love TNA. I wanna be there forever. I think by then, the fans are going to see a different side of me, not just the "Hey, he's a funny entertaining guy" but "holy...holy crap, this guy is more than just bro, this guy can go in the ring, this guys really the full package".

As always, a big thank you to Robbie E for giving us the time for this interview. As well as TNA Impact Wrestling and Simon Rothstein for setting it up. You can follow Robbie E on Twitter here and Instagram here and watch him every Sunday night on Impact Wrestling on Challenge at 9PM in the UK.

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