Saturday, 18 July 2015

Over the Border VII: Is This Real Life…or Is This Just Fantasy?

Over on the OSWtv Facebook page I've been posting up a fantasy match between a Scottish wrestling star against a wrestler from WWE/TNA/ROH in a fantasy match styley. So, for this edition of Over the Border I thought I'd share with you five of my favourite combinations that have been posted so far;

Dean Ambrose vs Chris Renfrew

Fairly straight forward storywise. Both are sadistic, hardcore and breathtaking on the mic. This would be a brawl, a bloodbath and a spectacle. This would be everything that we'd hoped Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose could've been. A Glasgow Street Fight might be the way to do this, not that there would be much choice as to where as this could go all around the venue, the streets and into other establishments nearby.

Daniel Bryan vs Mikey Whiplash

This match would have a little bit of everything. Both are well versed in grappling, working the mat and jockeying for position. However, both aren't afraid to throw in a suicide dive or a high risked manoeuvre I think these two would create a fascinating story, like a War and Peace, it could be near never ending, yet keep the reader occupied throughout.

CM Punk vs BT Gunn

BT Gunn isn't known for his words but his in ring prowess is unquestionable. Both are similar in style, using quick stiff kicks and willing to use their body as a weapon. As good as CM Punk is, I think BT Gunn would pick a body part to breakdown to diabilitate before finishing off the job. CM Punk calls himself the Best in the World but The Oddity could be a spoiler.

Paige vs Sammii Jayne

I posted quite a few matches with ladies that I could've picked like The Bella Twins vs The Owens Twins, Angelina Love vs Courtney, Taryn Terrell vs Viper which are all fantastic prospective matches but this is the one I picked for this piece. I'm a big fan of Sammii, to put her in the ring with someone of the experience of Paige, who is also still so young, it would create a physical and interesting contest. Sammii thrives when she's got something to prove.

Cesaro vs Joe Coffey

The King of Swing vs Iron Man. There, your money has been handed over. Feats of strength, wrestling, endurance. A 1 hour Iron Man match might no be enough. Cesaro can make any opponent a Superhero and in this one he would be facing an actual Superhero. This has an explosion of immovable force versus immovable force.

So there you have it, just five of the many fantasy matches that have been posted on the OSWtv Facebook page. Do you have a fantasy match that you would like to see? Contact me at

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