Thursday, 27 August 2015

Over the Border: The Passion for Wrasslin'

I've had the last month to think about what I could write in this edition of Over the Border. Many ideas sprung to mind; should I write about the plethora of young wrestlers that are making a name for themselves recently, like Aaron Echo or Theo Doros. Should I write a show preview? There are many to choose from that I could pick and run down the match card. I had even considered writing about the recent injury angle/ruse by Lionheart in ICW and if playing off real life, life threatening injuries is in good taste.

You see, in Scotland right now, the wrestling world is on fire. A revolution is what I started talking about in the first Over the Border article and that revolution is seeing 5000 people sell out the SECC on 15th November for ICW Fear and Loathing VIII. An incredible feat that is testament to the hard work that promoters, wrestlers, crew members, referees, graphic designers and fans, amongst many other professions and brackets, do to show others how great professional wrestling is in this country.

All of this is just paving the groundwork, this tiny country with the big heart, that I call home is one of the most talked about when it comes to wrestling. Whether it's WrestleZone packing over 1000 people each year into the Beach Ballroom, BCW selling out venues with over 700 screaming fans or ICW making headlines in national papers, it's been great to see the evolution of professional wrestling in this country over the last few years.

As a fan, I've found that it's helped me stay in touch with professional wrestling. I gave up trying to watch WWE and even TNA, I wasn't going to source out Japanese wrestling or Ring of Honor. Sure I keep up to date with WWE and TNA so I can jump back in at any time and not be lost like The Great Khali trying to string a four move sequence together. I found more passionate fans about Scottish wrestling than I knew even existed.

We are blessed, perhaps even spoilt, with events happening nearly every weekend around the country, there is no excuse to not sample Scottish wrestling at the moment. From the far reaches of Caithness to the bustling cities of Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee and Edinburgh. There is something for everyone.

While we've seen ICW hit the TV screens with Insane Fight Club (and Insane Fight Club II) the real goal is to see Scottish wrestling on regular television. A goal that is possible with the legions of supporters but they need to let their voice be heard. From what started as a passionate article about Scottish wrestling has turned into a declaration, we must let our voices be heard to take Scottish wrestling to the next level. We are in an age of social media where our thoughts can be noted for the world to see, hashtags trend worldwide, emojis are colon closed bracket, there has never been a better time to get your voice out there.

I'm now standing on my chair while typing, like a homage to William Wallace…I need to sit down.

…there we go…

If you agree with me and countless others then project that agreement. Tweet me @VoiceOfOSW, tweet everyone like Steve Brookstein, Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Jenna Jameson, everyone. Let your voice matter.

Anyway, I better go wipe the saltire facepaint off my face and get back to work…

'Til next time, this has been your friendly neighbourhood wrestling blogger.

- Billy

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