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Pro Wrestling Chaos - Hell is for Heroes LIVE Review

We were contacted by Darren Dyer (@AxelMulligan on Twitter). About whether we'd be interested in posting his review of the recent Pro Wrestling Chaos show (as highlighted in last week's Ready For The Weekend). After a bit of back and forth between Darren and ATPW head honcho James Marston, we have the review below. All feedback welcome to @ATPWrestling on Twitter.


On Saturday August 1st 2015 a promotion Pro Wrestling Chaos, held their Hell is for Heroes event at The BAWA Club in Filton, Bristol, England. They've had some hot shows up until now, would this show be the exception? Or would it keep the roll going, let's find out!

One Fall Three Way Match
Morgan Webster
Damien Dunne
Chris Sabin
Rockstar Spud

Kicking off this show, we had a three way bout, featuring former TNA X Division Champion, Rockstar Spud. Morgan Webster played the role of the heel to perfection here, bailing from the ring to keep away from Spud and Dunne, giving the crowd the two fingered salute (similar to flipping the bird) and insulting members of the audience. It’s fair to say that he has very quickly became the most despised wrestler in all of Chaos after retiring Dave Mercy at All or Nothing back in May. Spud and Damien Dunne were both over and the crowd was hot for both men with lots of vocal cheering when either man finally got a shot in on Webster, or on each other for that matter. 

Whether you love him or hate him, Morgan's talent is undeniable. He’s great to watch in the ring and can work a variety of styles such as the high flying game, a vicious ground and pound style or he can work a good technical match also. He’s one of the fastest rising stars in British professional wrestling right now. I've had the distinct honour and privilege of seeing him wrestle on at least half a dozen occasions now and he just gets better and better with each match. He's rapidly become one of my favourite wrestlers, not just in the UK, but across the world! If he's not wrestling in a major promotion within the next five years, I'll be surprised!

One Fall Tag Team Match
The Hunter Brothers
The Wild Galleons

Next up was a tag team match between The Hunter Brothers, Jim and Lee, taking on the fan favourite team of Captain Dick Morgan and Roger The Cabin Boy, The Wild Galleons. I'm usually one to cheer for the heels because I find I can relate to heels more than I do babyfaces with the way they can hold a crowd in the palm of their hands and have everybody despise them, yet they can entertain the hell out of you as a fan whilst doing it. However, there's something about The Wild Galleons that appeals to the inner child in me and I get a great deal of enjoyment out of watching them.

This was a nice, solid tag team match. I've seen both teams on several occasions now and I'm a fan of them both. The Galleons are one of the most entertaining teams I've seen live and thoroughly enjoy their performances. Captain Dick is an awesome character, because of the way he puts himself about both in and out of the ring. For example, he needed a boost of energy here so he stroked a man’s beard in the front row and took a mouthful of his beer to re-energise himself.

Roger is a rather interesting character. He has no problem in giving his opponent a spanking should he be looking to gain a psychological edge, but at the same time he’s a very well rounded wrestler who knows what it takes to get the job done in tag team wrestling with quick tags to his more powerful partner and doesn’t hesitate in taking advantage of situations when opportunity knocks. They picked up the win when Captain Dick, who wasn’t legal in the ring, hit a Stunner allowing Roger to quickly go for the pin much to the dismay of Lee and Jim Hunter.

I've often thought at Chaos shows about them having a tag team title. I personally think The Wild Galleon's would make great champions if they were to introduce them. They're over with fans both young and old and have great chemistry together. Hopefully the Chaos management will introduce something for the tag division sometime in the future! As much as the crowds are usually hot for the tag team matches we get in Chaos, I think this would really add another dimension to the division and gives wrestlers outside of the King of Chaos division a goal to work towards.

One Fall Match
Rampage Brown
with Pariah Khan

Up next was one of the more anticipated match ups of the evening. I love the combination of Jeckel and Khan. Jeckel is an extremely talented wrestler and Khan is an awesome mouthpiece for him. The fans love to hate them as well, especially Khan with the "BUTLINS, BUTLINS, BUTLINS!" chants which Khan reacts to brilliantly!

Jeckel set the pace before the bell in this one, attacking Rampage with a chair as he was making his entrance, although, bringing in the chair was probably not the best move by Jeckel  Towards the end, Khan was getting visibly frustrated on the outside and threw the chair into Jeckel to use on Brown. Brown avoided a shot and managed to gain control of the weapon. Brown had a choice, either put the chair down and have a chance of winning, or take out a measure of revenge for Jeckel's earlier attack and side with the crowd by taking out Jeckel. He went with the latter of those two options in what was one of the sickest chair shots I've ever seen! And I'm a man who's seen plenty of ECW over the years!

Rampage chased Khan to the back as referee's came out to check on the condition of Jeckel. Khan eventually came back out to help his man to the back. Don't expect this to be over! In fact, this may only be the beginning of what could be a thrilling rivalry. Personally, I’d like to see some form of no disqualifications match. Whether that be at the show in Hanham in October, or the show in Yate in December. Both men seemed to like swinging the chair on this night, so a chairs match may very well be an appropriate way to follow this match.

One Fall Match
Eddie Dennis
Chris Hero

After a 20 minute intermission, we had the match that I was personally looking forward to more than any other and by the sound of it, so was the rest of the crowd. They were on fire! I don't know if I can speak for anyone else but I was mainly pulling for Hero, yet at the same time really would not have been upset if Dennis picked up the win. I've never heard a crowd like that at any wrestling show before, and having been to a couple of WWE house shows, that's certainly saying something! I was on my feet throughout the entire match and popped for pretty much everything these two men did. There was a moment where Eddie was on the ring apron and Hero caught him with a big boot. Eddie managed to hang on to the apron and screamed at Hero to do it again…so he did, over and over again and with each shot Eddie took, he got more and more fired up and you could really feel the emotion coming out of Eddie. As he got more and more fired up, so did the electric crowd!

From bell-to-bell the match was just amazing, lots of counters, lots of hard hitting shots (I lost count of how many rolling elbows Hero hit), lots of near falls and most importantly of all, well-timed drama. I find in wrestling you can have as many near falls as you want but unless those moments are built up properly, they don't draw the fans into the moment. These two put on a great spectacle and the fans were loud and hooked throughout.

In what was a surprise to many fans in the audience, myself included, it was Eddie Dennis who picked up the win! Hero looked as shocked as the rest of us and seemingly couldn't comprehend what had just taken place. In fact, Dennis could hardly believe he'd pulled it off!  Hero played the “what the hell just happened?” with a hint of rage look brilliantly, while Eddie sold the shock of winning to perfection. After recent losses to Kenny King and Mike Bird, it was almost as though he didn’t believe he was going to win this match, despite telling us all that he would. 

Hero left the ring to a huge cheer and even louder chants of "Please come back!" He re-entered the ring and cut a promo saying how he will return to face Eddie again at some stage in a rematch. I just hope that the Chaos management can make that match happen because this was incredible! Hat's off to both men! Keep an eye out for the DVD/VOD of this show even if only for this match because it truly was something special. One of my matches of the year so far, and not just in Chaos. I'm talking from any promotion that I've watched so far this year! 

This match was easily main event quality, and I’d have said that this could easily have been the main event of the show. However, I’ve always been a firm believer in the top championship main eventing any card unless there’s a big stipulation involved like we had at All or Nothing with the Loser Leaves Chaos match between Webster and Mercy. If we were to get a “best of three” series between these two, which having spoken to a few fans is what the people desire, the third match should main event whatever card it’s on should Hero win the second match.

One Fall Tag Team Match
The Doomsday Killers
The Burrito Brothers & Mr. Bananas.

Up next was an "Open Invitational" set by The Doomsday Killers, Ian Williams, Big Grizzly and KillBane. Fresh off of their attack on Gideon at Heir To The Throne last month, these three men were more brash and arrogant than ever before. The challenge was answered by Mr Banana's and The Burrito Brothers. Unfortunately for the guys answering the challenge, they were no match in size or strength for The Doomsday Killers and this one was over relatively quickly.

After the match, the lights cut out and an eerie message came through from Gideon. After the attack at Heir to the Throne, Gideon's message is that soon enough The Doomsday Killers will feel his wrath. When the lights came back on, 'Evil Little Ian' was losing his mind in the ring. He did so even more when he noticed the broken cane, which The Doomsday Killers used to attack Gideon with, appeared in the ring seemingly out of nowhere. We maybe about to see a darker side of Gideon as he seeks revenge on his former allies and I for one can't wait!

I thought that this was how this match would’ve gone after how the last match went with all of the drama and emotion. It kind of felt like WrestleMania X8 where The Rock and Hulk Hogan tore the house down with their match and then there was a “filler” match in between that and the title match. I think it worked fine as it gave the crowd a chance to catch their breath again whilst continuing to build the storyline between The Doomsday Killers and Gideon.

One Fall King of Chaos Championship Match
Mike Bird ©
Mark Andrews

TNA's Mark Andrews returned on this night to challenge his mentor and trainer 'Flying' Mike Bird for the top prize in Chaos. Bird had held the title for one day short of a full year and wasn't willing to allow one of his former students to take his title from him. With Mandrews showcasing a lot of his acrobatic skills and Bird using his technical, ground and pound style.

With the match was finely poised, Mandrews looked to catch Bird with an enziguri, which "The Ginger Jesus of Professional Wrestling" avoided and the referee took the shot in the face. While the ref was down, Mandrews managed to put Bird down and the fans counted but with no referee, the pinfall was essentially null and void. There was a sense of expectancy in the air now because with the referee down, it’s fair to say it’s anyone’s ball game. Whereas you’d often see another referee come down to officiate, which the fans wanted with chants of “Tom”, a referee making his Chaos debut, it never happened which for me just added to the level of anticipation of what would happen next.
Bird, acting like a desperate champion, then used his King of Chaos belt to take down his former student. He revived referee Baz and thought he'd retained his title, only Mandrews kicked out at two! Bird was soon able to put his challenger away, though, with his signature piledriver meaning he'd kept his title for the 364th consecutive day. 

One Fall Match for the King of Chaos Championship
Mike Bird ©
“Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman

Not content with his victory, he decided he'd try to teach Mark a lesson in respect and just when we all thought the worst would happen, out came "Mr Heir To The Throne", Wild Boar to save Andrews. The fans lost their minds and did so again moments later when Boar cashed in his title opportunity on his former teacher. And if that wasn't enough, the place erupted a few minutes later when Boar hit a Package Piledriver to Mike Bird to become the new, and only the second ever, King of Chaos! I'm a huge Mike Bird fan, and I'm talking this guy is in my top ten in the world right now, but even I was literally jumping for joy and punching the air for Boar's victory! A huge congratulations to Mike Hitchman for all of his hard work in Chaos over the past couple of years. It's certainly all paid off and he's more than worthy of holding the King of Chaos Championship!


A huge thank you to Pro Wrestling Chaos for putting on such an amazing show. I thought the All or Nothing event was great, which it was. This one topped that for me just for the sheer drama, emotion, entertainment and excitement that all of the wrestlers put across. 

For now, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the memories of the show until the VOD is available, when I'm sure I'll be watching this awesome night of professional wrestling over and over again! 

You can check out more from Pro Wrestling Chaos, including upcoming show details here

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