Thursday, 24 September 2015

Wrestle Ropes' Ready for the Weekend: September 2015 Week 4 (PCW, Southside & IPW:UK)

As we approach another weekend of wrestling action, we shall see a weekend of heroes, of adrenaline rushes and the finale of an 11-year anniversary tour. Let's get Ready For The Weekend!

       Kicking off the weekend action on Friday night, Preston City Wrestling are back at their home of Evoque with Heroes. Sitting right at the top of the event is the PCW Heavyweight Championship match. The champion, Dave Mastiff is one of the best heavyweights in Europe and has faced every challenge put in front of him. His challenge this time comes in the form of former WWE United States, TNA World Heavyweight and (WWE) ECW champion, Bobby Lashley. One of the few men who can match Mastiff for strength. PCW GM, Joanna Rose has made a point of stacking the deck against the champion. Mastiff is happy to face anyone and keep the heavyweight championship round his waist. Another man who has incurred the wrath of Joanna Rose is Dave Rayne with the GM going as far as facing him in a match and taking his #BOOM Championship. It appears that Rose isn't finished though as she has now placed Rayne in a match with on half of the PCW Tag Team champions, T-Bone. Not happy with beating Dave Rayne, it appears that Joanna wants to destroy Rayne and T-Bone may just achieve her wish. When PCW were last at Evoque in August they were celebrating their 4th anniversary. On that night many people left saying that Noam Dar vs Drew Galloway was their Match Of The Night. Well both men are going to attempt to do it again as they face each other again on September 25th. Galloway took the win in their first encounter and he'll look to repeat the feat again. However, The Champagne Supernova will give his all to draw the scores level.

Moving on to Saturday and Southside Wrestling are in Purfleet, Essex with Adrenaline Rush at the Circus Tavern. One championship that shall be on the line on September 26th will be the Southside Heavyweight Championship. Since forming The Righteous Army, Joseph Conners has become and unstoppable force in Southside. However in late 2014, Conners suffered a loss to Hardcore Holly. Now, Holly looks to beat The Righteous once again and this time take the Southside Heavyweight Championship. That being said, this is not the same Joseph Conners from a year ago. Conners is now more dangerous and ruthless than he has ever been and he wants to correct a loss from the past. Two men with something to prove in Southside Wrestling are 'The Mexican Sensation' El Ligero and 'The Sicilian Psychopath' Tommaso Ciampa. El Ligero is currently trying to redeem himself since losing the Speed King Championship thanks to The Righteous Army and in particular Kay Lee Ray. Ciampa on the other hand has only ever won one match in Southside and he's looking to correct that statistic. Both these men want and need victory on Saturday but there can only be one winner. The main event on September 26th will see one man demand the best and one man claim to be it. Back in July, Will Ospreay told the crowd that he wanted to face the best when he returned to the Circus Tavern. This lead to Tommy End stepping up to the plate and accepting Ospreay's request before levelling the former Speed King champion. Ospreay wanted the best and he'll get it in Tommy End. The question is, will he regret his actions or will he overcome the 'Anti-Hero' as he's done with many before?

Rounding of the weekend and the end of their 11-year anniversary tour, IPW:UK are at The White Oak Leisure Centre in Swanley, Kent. The Scrum is a match that has become one of IPW:UK's trademark contests and it returns for their tour finale. The match will see a blend well-known stars and up-and-coming names all competing at the same time in a one fall match as we see The Wonderkid' Jonny Storm vs. Alpha Dreams vs. 'Dazzling' Darrell Allen vs. 'Smooth' Sammy Smooth vs. 'Aerial Assassin' Will Ospreay vs. 'Blackbelt' Tom Dawkins vs. Maverick Mayhew vs. Mike 'The Strike' Broly. From a match filled with British talent to a match that will see one of the UK's best against one of the best from the US. Dave Mastiff and Tommaso Ciampa are both known for their hard-hitting style and this match won't be any different. These men regularly steal shows when they appear. Combining them in one match could make this an international classic. Since coming to IPW:UK, Vince Russo has abused his power in any way he's chosen. However, he took exception when Daniel Edler took the decision to use his own power to officiate the end of a match. Russo has therefore decided that if Edler wants to get involved in a match, then he'll compete in one in a 10-man elimination tag team match. Looking forward to Sunday and we will now see Vince Russo, Jimmy Havoc, James Davis, Rob Lynch & Mr. Russo's Aide face Daniel Edler, Danny Duggan, Cieran Donnelly, Grado (another man that Vince Russo has an issue with) & a fifth competitor of Daniel Edler's choosing. This match is another example of Russo using his power to his own benefit but a win for Team Edler could send a message and start a revolt within IPW:UK against the Vince Russo.

That wraps up this week's preview of the weekend's wrestling schedule. Of course, there are many more events taking place over the three days. To find out more about the shows we've highlighted here as well as all the others, check us out at for the latest show and match

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