Thursday, 8 October 2015

Wrestle Ropes' Ready for the Weekend: October 2015 Week 2

     After last weekend had some amazing, huge shows take place, you could be forgiven for thinking this weekend would be a quieter affair. Not a chance of it! Another weekend, another packed calendar of events. Let's get Ready For The Weekend!

On Friday night, Insane Championship Wrestling shall be in Newcastle for the second night (the first taking place tonight in Dundee) of their UK tour with One Fall Brawl. One match which may have implications on the main event of Fear & Loathing VIII shall be the contest between Grado and Jack Jester. Grado is scheduled to challenge Drew Galloway for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship on November 15th, however his opponent, Jack Jester shall be looking to cause damage to Grado's chances in favour of his Black Label comrade. Grado will be looking to his main event match on November 15th but he can't take Jack Jester likely. Friday will also see the return of Johnny Moss to ICW when he faces the New Age Kliq's BT Gunn. Moss is one of the most dominating heavyweights in Europe whose speed matches his strength. His opponent is part of the one of the most dangerous factions in wrestling today. Moss has run through almost everyone in ICW but he returns now to a company that is vastly different from the last time he competed. BT Gunn is probably now more dangerous and ruthless than he has ever been. Gunn will look to make a statement against Moss and 'The Vigilante' shall want to make his return a winning one. Since The Black Label and ICW GM, Red Lightning have become a powerforce in ICW, they have done all in their power to suppress 'The Beast Of Belfast' Big Damo. Even going as far as joining forces with The 55 who have attacked Damo on numerous occasions. But the latter has refused to back down and now he's looking to take apart both groups on his road to the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. On October 9th, Damo turns his focus to 'The East End Butcher' Sha Samuels. Samuels is unforgiving, plain and simple. But Damo has a fire within him that few have ever seen. Without a doubt, Damo faces a big challenge in Sha Samuels but Damo has never ever been as dangerous as he is now. The Road to Fear and Loathing VIII Tour continues on Saturday and Sunday in Southampton and London respectively.

Moving on to Saturday and Southside Wrestling make their return to Sheffield with a double show event taking place at the Corporation. We're going to focus of the second show for this article but the afternoon show is of equal quality and we'd recommend attending both if you can. The Righteous Army are undoubtedly the power in Southisde Wrestling right now. One man that the leader of The Righteous Army and current Heavyweight champion, Joseph Conners has an issue with is Stixx. He has focused on the former champion since he returned earlier this year. On Saturday, both men will meet once again, this time in a tag team match. While Joseph Conners will team with The Pledge, Stixx has called on the assistance of former WWE star, JTG. The Righteous Army are a formidable team but Stixx has a partner who is a specialist in tag team matches, in particular with a heavyweight team-mate such as Stixx. This match could be the beginning of a turn in the tide for Stixx or it may be a continuation of The Righteous Army's oppression in Southside. Speaking of The Righteous Army, the main event this Saturday will see 'The Mexican Sensation' El Ligero continue his war with the faction, this time with the current Speed King champion, Jimmy Havoc. This match would be hate-filled anyway but this match will be a street fight. The Righteous Army have made it their aim to attack and embarrass El Ligero but now there are no rules and El Ligero will want to send a message to Havoc that he will not be a victim of theirs. 'Flash' Morgan Webster has been a on great run in Southside Wrestling recently with a win over Will Ospreay and a great match with Tommy End to name a few. He wants to face the best that Southside can provide and on October 10th he's going to have that chance when he faces Tommaso Ciampa in singles competition. Ciampa has had great matches in Southside as well as competing all over the world. Morgan has a thirst for great competition and the tools and talent to achieve it. This Saturday we could see a match that might just steal the show and Webster may possibly get a win over another word-class talent.

Sunday shall see the first out of Alpha Omega Wrestling since it was born from Paid Promotions in Morecambe. And they're not getting off to a slow start with two new champions guaranteed to be crowned at the event in Morecambe. One championship that will be unveiled and awarded shall be the Alpha Omega Women's Championship which will be up for grabs in a gauntlet match. The gauntlet match will consist of seven competitors, Lana Austin, Felony, Sammii Jayne, Viper, Debbie Sharpe, Jenna & Alexis Rose. Sometimes a favourite can be chosen in a match but that is eliminated with this match type as the order in which the competitors enter could play as big a factor as the wrestlers themselves. While there are competitors such as Viper & Lana Austin who have competed in Alpha Omega Wrestling (formerly Paid Promotions) before, there are a number of d├ębuts such as Felony & Alexis Rose to name a few. This adds another unknown elements to the match. Really anyone could walk away the inaugural Alpha Omega Women's champion this Sunday. Another champion that will be decided will be the new Alpha Omega Tag Team Championship. Former opponents now turned allies, Sexy Kev & Shaun Vasey will face a team which couldn't be more bonded as a unit, The Referendum. That being said, Sexy Kev & Shaun Vasey or Big Sexxxy as they are now known, present an unknown in the fact that The Referendum don't know how they interact as a team. However, The Referendum are THE power faction in Alpha Omega with countless wins over opponents. The Referendum say they are destined for the gold. Big Sexxxy are out to prove otherwise. The main event on October 11th will see two men who hate each other so much that a meeting between the two was inevitable even if the powers that be tried everything to prevent it from happening. As the hatred between Johnny Phere and Craig Kollins is so great, a normal match would not be enough to settle this so that contest will be held under no holds barred rules. If either man is going to move on then this has to be settled on Sunday in Morecambe and it will without doubt be done so in the most violent was possible.

That wraps up this week's preview of the weekend's wrestling schedule. Of course, there are many more events taking place over the three days. To find out more about the shows we've highlighted here as well as all the others, check us out at for the latest show and match announcements, British Wrestling event list and more 

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