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The Merch Table with Craig Hermit #1 - SPLX, Wrestle Crate UK and ICW

Our buddy Craig Hermit is back! Yes back! Possibly the most positive man to cover British wrestling evaaahhhh, is here to give us his take on the plethora of merchandise available. Don't know what to get yourself as a treat? Or what to give that wrestling fan in your life for Christmas? Hermit is your man. Take it away, Craig...


This new feature of mine in Across The Pond Wrestling is basically to help wrestling fans see what merchandise is available from month to month and wear to purchase it. I mean I speak from experience when I have seen a fan wearing excellent merchandise of a wrestler I liked and by the time I was able to find out where it was available it was sold out.

So this month, I thought I'd look at new ranges, new deals and new releases available to you, starting with...

SPLX Wrestling.

"I've seen wrestlers who have their merchandise on and stuff, who are they?"

Well, SPLX is a team formed of top athletes from all-over the Pro Wrestling World. They fully embrace the athletic side of the industry and believe they have formed a stellar unit. The purpose is to support their sponsored athletes.

Their new winter range was released a few weeks ago and DAMN people, what a range it is! From new T-Shirts from Preston City Wrestling Champion Dave Mastiff, Ring of Honor star Adam Cole, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor wrestler, Kyle O'Reilly and Pro Wrestling NOAH star Zack Sabre Jr. 

Merchandise from Prince Devitt, ranging from t-shirts, zip hoody and collegiate jackets is also available not to mention Suplex Wrestling own unique brand of clothing ranging from bobble hats, hoodies, leggings, t-shirts and a lot more.

Editors Note - Seriously, this is gorgeous...Anyone want to treat me to one?

How much do the items cost? Like any range of clothing it depends on what you want, however, with the new Winter Range arriving, many old stock has gone into sale, with reasonable reductions. Products currently range from £8.99 for certain sale T-Shirts, all the way up to £40.99 for the stunning Prince Devitt collegiate jacket

Where can I get this? Not at the shows, which means everyone now has an even chance of going to the website, and buying the exclusive new range there. 

Twitter: @suplexwrestling
Facebook: SPLX Wrestling.

Editors Note - You'll get the girls once they see you love Adam Cole, bay bay! 

And sticking with what is new...

Wrestle Crate UK

The Original Grappling Create Service launches the UK & Europe's first Wrestle Crate.

Yeah...but What is Wrestle Crate? Wrestle Crate is the world's first monthly mystery-box service containing pro wrestling goodies. Wrestling fans in the UK and across Europe can sign up to Wrestle Crate UK ahead of their November launch, enjoy lower shipping costs to the UK and all European countries than ever before.

So far, they have been releasing crates for six months and, to-date, Wrestle Crates have included items such as: Mattel WWE Elite Figures, Signed 8x10s from wrestling stars, such as Young Bucks to Jerry 'The King' Lawler. Crates have included Funko Pop Vinyls, DVDs from Ring of Honor, WWE and  T-shirts from Pro Wrestling Tees also Exclusive items unavailable anywhere else such as issues of Calling Spots magazine, Pentagon Jr plush toys and collectables plus lots more if you subscribe. This means you will be sent a box of goodies to your door each and every month for the duration of your subscription.

How much does this cost then? Prices will start from £11.99 per month with shipping as low as £4. Wrestle Crate have created two tiers of Wrestle Crate, the Standard Crate at £11.99 and Ultimate Crate at £21.99, the Shipping costs are £4 in the UK and £8 to Europe. 

Where do I get this? Head straight to www.WrestleCrate.co.uk where you can sign up on the day. Their first box will be shipped from the UK on 18th November and if you have any questions you can talk to them on Twitter @WrestleCrateUK, Instagram @WrestleCrateUK and Facebook.com/WrestleCrateUK. To their credit, they have been very busy in the last few days and answered any query wrestling fans have had within a very short time scale

This sounds all good and well but who sponsors or partners with them? Wrestle Crate was delighted to announce that they teamed up with the people behind Europe's most popular indy published wrestling magazine - Calling Spots.

Richard Penaluna, Editor in Chief and founder of Calling Spots magazine had this to say, "I'm delighted that Ed and I have been able to team up in the name of making Wrestle Crate more accessible to wrestling fans who live in the UK and across Europe. As a UK-based fan myself, I know that we often feel as though we are left out so I'm thrilled to be a part of a team that respects how fantastic British and European wrestling fans are. I'm also very passionate about ensuring that the stellar wrestling scene here in the UK is represented in crates down the line."

But what if I need to cancel? Not sure why you'd ever want to...but if you do this can be cancelled any time without needing to sign up for half-a-year to get the best value.

So if this sounds like something you like the details are above and you can judge for yourself.

And finally if your a fan of Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) you might want to know this. They are creating new T-Shirts, in doing so, some others won't be reprinted and what's left is left at REDUCED PRICES.

The list looks like this: BT Gunn, Drew Galloway, Kay Lee Ray, Wolfgang, Kenny Williams and Sabu. All at the great price of just £8.

Head to the website to find out more, http://insanechampionshipwrestling.bigcartel.com/


That's it for the inaugural edition of The Merch Table with Craig Hermit! Hope you found something here that caught your eye. Check out our boy Craig on Twitter by clicking his name! 

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