Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Merch Table with Craig Hermit #5 - Jimmy Havoc, Vicksticth Customs, PBW, HOPE Wrestling, ICW & Kenny Omega

First off right from the bat, apologies for no Merch Table last week and to make up for that there will be two editions this really.

This edition will focus on clothing and while Friday's will focus on everything else.

Let's begin with a man who hasn't just been a prominent figure in the UK Wrestling scene also he has become a figure recognised worldwide for providing fans with amazing Hardcore matches and demonstrating nothing but passion in the ring, that man is 

jimmy havoc

His new T-shirt is available from Xs to 3x-Large "Die Havoc Die" is available in Black or White from £14.95. (Editors Note: I've got a lot of love for this rougher version of the Die Havoc Die shirt. Whilst the original is a classic, this has got a different feel to it and certainly makes a statement!)

Now, we turn our attention to a clothing company that over social media, has been mentioned several times for their quality and reliability.

vickstitch customs

This company I refer to is, Above is everything they do in one picture, but I'll add this, not only do they create T-Shirts for sale for the fans but they also provide the tights and other items of clothing for wrestlers to wear when wrestling. It would be easy for me to just say that and leave it there and that's it however, for months and months, I have heard nothing but good things, in fact great things about them all across the board. From quality, to delivery and attention to detail as well. This comes from punters and wrestlers alike, so we look at their latest offerings available for the fans:

I would need much more space in this article than would be allowed to discuss and talk about this man, I am talking about the much-loved Kris Travis and his T-shirt is now available in sizes S - 2x Large from £12.00.

Then there is Bubblegum, one of the most accomplished UK stars around, multiple Champion of any promotion he has been involved with and he's released his "Champion" T-shirt available in S - 2x Large and children's sizes from £15.00.

It's not just the wrestlers themselves is involved with but the promotions themselves, we look at those two awesome Promotions in the UK:

premier british wrestling

Battling through the recession and now stronger than ever with more sell out shows than ever before and a show quality that not many other European companies can match.  Their shows are enjoyed by fans of all ages.  We would strongly advise if you are yet to check out PBW to come and see one their live events soon as we are 100% confident you will not leave disappointed.

PBW continue to run one of the most respected wrestling schools in Europe today.  The PBW Academy holds classes every Sunday in both the Barrhead Sports Centre and the Airdrie Lesiure Centre. Some of Britain's highest rated young stars were trained at the PBW Academy such as Noam Dar, Kay Lee Ray, 'Unstoppable' Andy Wild, Davey Blaze plus many more.

Premier British Wrestling, "Leading Forward" T-shirt available in S - 2x Large from £15.00

Premier British Wrestling "Leading Forward" Zipper Hoodies in a Double Sided Print available in  Sizes S - 2x Large from £25.00. (Editors Note: Have to say that these company designs both look superb and some of the best I've seen across the UK. If you're a regular at PBW these items are surely must-haves)

hope wrestling

.. established in 2013, HOPE is a name that has become synonymous with UK Wrestling across numerous locations. Providing top quality British Wrestling show in the Midlands based upon strong edgy encounters, high quality in ring action and they also aim to provide high quality Wrestling Merchandise.

Their mission is to bring to the East Midlands the very best of British Wrestling, showcasing the fantastic talent in a family friendly environment and becoming a firmly established part of the community. Currently running shows across the East Midlands in Derby and Nottingham as well as in the East Anglia regions of Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard. 

Hope Wrestling T-shirts are available in black or white S - 2x Large from

Hope Wrestling Hoody is also available in two different variations in S- 2x Large from £25.00. (Editor's note - Similar to what I had to say about the PBW merch, HOPE have produced merch that sticks strongly to their brand identity, using the ACDC logo to create items that any regular should surely have as part of their collection)

insane championship wrestling

In association with ICW are having a sale on with a variety of T-shirts, here's two from the selection

Kay Lee Ray, one of the very best technical and high flying wrestlers in the country. Seen in NXT, TNA, Stardom and many, many more promotions, here is your chance to own the  T-shirt available in S - 4x Large from just £9.99.

Also from ICW, is the awesome Kenny Williams. 2015 has seen Williams travel all over the UK and this year many more fans will see what he provides in the ring, his T-shirt is available from £9.99 in sizes S - 4x Large.

And lastly we look at the man who has been one of the most prominent men in NJPW and enjoyed monstrous success last weekend

kenny omega 

Available from at £16.99 in sizes  S - 2x Large.

What you'll get with delivery, the T-Shirt and free NJPW Stickers! (Editors Note - Kenny has made waves over the last few months in Japan, if there was a time to jump on the band wagon and get some merch now is it! It helps that this tee is sick af as well)

And that is the clothing line so far for this week, on Friday I'll be looking at many more merchandise such as books, DVD's and alot more. 

Check out Craig on Twitter by clicking this entire sentence. 

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