Monday, 28 March 2016

The Merch Table with Craig Hermit #8 - ICW (NAK, Wolfgang, Big Damo & Kenny Williams) & WWE (Austin Aries, Finn Balor & Kevin Owens)

Good morning, afternoon, evening or just good day, this is my Merch Table this week as it is the WrestleMania countdown and to celebrate not just this but the recent releases by Insane Championship Wrestling as they celebrate the continuation of their "Hey Look! It's Mad Wrestling thing aff the Telly Tour".

insane championship wrestling

So let's kick it off with ICW, as they hit London, Cardiff and Bournemouth last weekend, before closing the tour in Newcastle and Glasgow next Saturday and Sunday respectively, new t-shirt releases are now available priced at £16.99.

The NAK new t-shirt - After the dissolution of the five members on Friday Night Fight Club, Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn stand united to face the expansion of The Black Label, join the cause with this available in sizes S - 3XL.

Wolfgang new t-shirt - The enigma that is the ruthless owner of the Briefcase that he can cash in anytime of his choosing releases this also available in sizes S - 3XL.

Big Damo new t-shirt - The man who seized the ICW World Heavyweight Championship in Belfast making history in the process and is the current, defending Champion, his t-shirt is  available in S - 3XL.

Kenny Williams t-shirt - This man is the bollocks, no really it says so on the t-shirt. Continually one of the most exciting wrestlers in the ICW roster, the sizes are available in S - 3XL.

Lewis Girvan t-shirt - "The Best Young Wrestler in the World" tagline is no ideal boast, easily one of the best exports that Scotland has in the wrestling industry. Seen in multiple promotions he let's his actions do the talking as he has faced and defeated some of the best in the world. Available in sizes S - XL at £15

Available here -


Now the countdown to the showcase of the immortals is in its final stages so to celebrate that Wrestlemania is on it's way he is some of the new merchandise arrivals:

Austin Aries t-shirt - The former TNA, ROH and new arrival in NXT has already made an impact in WWE to celebrate this. his new t-shirt is available in sizes S - XL at the price of £22.

Finn Bàlor t-shirt - How long can the Bullet Club teases continue? Alot longer it seems as the current NXT Champion has released this damn good t-shirt. Available in sizes S - XL at the price of £22.

Pendant Mania? These new Pendant arrivals are available at £11 each Kevin Owens or Finn Bàlor.

The WWE Attitude Era: Hardcover Book at £22.

It's time to unleash a little Attitude! In the late 1990's, that's exactly what the WWE did. With a motley crew of outlaws, oddballs and antiheroes hell bent on blowing the doors off the status quo. It was the perfect storm, one that still shows its aftermath on the entertainment landscape.

And that's this week, next week will be a Wrestlemania special, I was @Craighermit and I'll see you then.

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