Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Merch Table with Craig Hermit #6 - WrestleMania, Dean Ambrose, PROGRESS, Defend INDY Wrestling & Lewy L Paintings

This week in my Merch Table we have alot to cover, we look at the new merchandise from PROGRESS Wrestling, Dean Ambrose, Defend INDY Wrestling, and a lot more, so let's start with the big one, the granddaddy of them all...


With the countdown to the biggest wrestling event in the WWE calendar already begun, I thought that we should look at the merchandise available. Now as you can imagine this isn't going to be small scale when it comes to signifying this MASSIVE event, so let's start with the t-shirts:

Coming in at £22, available for both men and women in sizes S - 5XL.

The Wrestlemania Logo T-shirt.

Stylish and contemporary design exactly what you need as a t-shirt for Wrestlemania 32. But WWE regularly do American football jerseys to highlight their awesome events don't they? And you'd be right, coming in at £66 and available in sizes S - 3XL.

Wrestlemania Logo Football Jersey.

Yes, it's dearer, but you can tell the immediate difference in style, look and fabric. This is the elite version of the Wrestlemania T-shirts. 

Also WWE have released a similar American Football Jersey version for Women as well, priced at £35 in sizes S - XL

Let's say you've got enough t-shirts or you want that little bit different, that's right WWE have released both coming in at £9 each:

Wrestlemania Lanyards

100% Polyester
Swivel J-hook attachment. Breakaway closure clip. Measures 36" x 1" 

WrestleMania 32 Shot Glass.

As Wrestlemania draws closer I'll update you all on more merchandise that is available and before WWE's big one, there is Roadblock featuring the man of the moment...

dean ambrose

Available in Men's, Women's in sizes S - 5XL and Youth sizes too, his new t-shirt is in the new arrivals section priced at £22, something everything Ambrose fan should have in 2016.

Dean Ambrose, "This Lunatic Runs the Asylum" T-Shirt.

Let's bring things closer to the UK and a new range of t-shirts have arrived from the phenomenal 

progress wrestling

Calling on all Ultras everywhere, this is the good stuff! New Neon and Skeleton claw designs are both PRE-ORDER ITEM's and the shipping expected around 28th March.

New Neon Lights PROGRESS T-Shirt

New Skeleton PROGRESS T-Shirt
S - 3XL at £17.00.

defend indy wrestling 

New arrivals are here and I am a fan, seriously the items on show aren't just good to wear at wrestling shows but damn fashionable too, especially as we leave Winter and head into the so-called Spring season.

Designed by AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined star Marion Fontaine, his work also available on the link below, the t-shirts are in  in sizes S - 2XL at £12.

Who doesn't like wristbands! DEFEND Indy Wrestling wherever you are with out new 1 inch thick rubber wristbands, available in white and black!

1 band for £3, or tag team it up with both for £5!

And this is a jacket, not just any jacket but varsity jacket, available at £30 in sizes S -XXL, it certainly looks good.

Finally, I always like to see what unique and limited wrestling merchandise is available, now, let's say you want a canvas uniquely painted of your heroes or even a painting signed by a wrestler. Then turn your attention to... 

lewy l paintings

his work admired by The Dudley Boys, Scott Steiner, Kurt Angle and many more, I would recommend that if this is the type of thing your looking for click the link below.

Now that was this week on the Merchandise Stand, hope you found something you like, see you soon. Check out my Twitter feed for all my latest articles around the net!

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