Friday, 26 August 2016

TV Review: WWE NXT #210 - Tye Dillinger v Wesley Blake

Show Aired - 24th August 2016

NXT may have been heading out of Takeover: Brooklyn II, but the show was back at the Barclay's Center this week for a compact edition of the show. With just two matches would NXT still keep the quality action coming? 

It had been over 2 months since "The Perfect Ten" Tye Dillinger had appeared on television to pick up his first win since May and only his third victory of 2016. Wesley Blake was his opponent and the two put on a good match that acted as both opener and main event, that featured some nice work from both men, that was aided by a lively Barclays Center. The crowd was hot for Dillinger and his Perfect Ten gimmick, which meant that Blake got a decent amount of heat whenever he took control. The pair worked well together, with Blake looking comfortable on his own, after parting from Buddy Murphy, controlling the pace well as well hitting a sweet backstabber with Dillinger in the ropes, moments after a small package hope spot from The Perfect Ten. The closing sequence demonstated why Dillinger should have been turned babyface about six months ago as his comeback sequence beginning with a hip toss into the turnbuckle and concluding with the victory enducing Tye Breaker [Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker]

In the other match on the show, The Authors of Pain (Sunny Dhisa renamed Akam and Gzim Selmani renamed Rezar) remained undefeated after a victory over TM61 (Nick Miller & Shane Thorne). I've been impressed with Akam & Rezar in their previous appearances and they continued to impress here, in what was a match that was booked to get the most out of every body involved. Both teams came out of this one looking better than they did coming in, with The AOP looking like dominant bad asses with some different moves, whilst TM61 showcased their pace and fighting spirit. Miller's comeback on Rezar featured a number of strong-style strikes, which built nicely to Rezar getting knocked off his feet, whilst The AOP cleaning house towards the finish made the pair look great with their stereo running powerbombs and the Russian leg sweep and lariat combination getting them the win on Miller. After victories over American Alpha and TM61, it looks like The AOP are being positioned for a future Tag Team Championship match. 


ATPW Scale Rating - 3.91/10 

Whilst the two matches on the show were both good, apart from a couple of post-match interviews from Takeover: Brooklyn II, the rest of the show was either highlight packages from the supercard, ads for the WWE Network or Corey Graves and Tom Phillips putting over the strength of that show. Overall, there was more recycled content then there was fresh content here, meaning that the brand didn't really more forward and coming out of a hot show that's a frustrating experience. With the show airing on the WWE Network there isn't much need to add in the highlight packages as that show is already available. Previous post takeover shows have featured an extra match and this would have at least filled up a little more time. It's not like their was a lack of talent either with no matches across the Brooklyn tapings from Hideo Itami, Oney Lorgan, Rich Swann, Peyton Royce, Nicola Glencross, Steve Cutler, Alexander Wolfe, Hugo Knox, Liv Morgan, Patrick Clark, Aaliyah, Buddy Murphy, Angelo Dawkins, Mandy Rose, Tino Sabbateli, Riddick Moss...I think I've made my point. One more match.

All content - James Marston
Banner Credit - Kai Stellar 

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