Thursday, 20 October 2016

TV Review: Lucha Underground #3.06 - Pentagon Dark v Rey Mysterio Jr v Chavo Guerrero Jr.

The 12th October 2016 episode of Lucha Underground, featured a main event including Pentagon Dark (Pentagon Jr.), Rey Mysterio Jr and Chavo Guerrero Jr. battling in a triple threat that had a lot of history behind it. In an action package hour, Dr. Wagner Jr, Jack Evans, Son of Havoc (Matt Cross), Gift of the Gods Champion Sexy Star and Famous B were all involved, but was that action any good?

The night's main event with Pentagon Dark, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. tangling in a triple threat was enjoyable contest, that featured some nice interactions between all three men in different combinations. The bout was paced well, with Guerrero being used to simmer the action down, whilst the flashier Mysterio and more physical Dark picked things up. The spots involved all three were done well, usually coming as a nice jolt following a string of singles action, like Guerrero sliding into the ring to drop toe hold Dark into a chair wedged in the corner during a Dark and Mysterio section and Mysterio leaping over the top rope with a body scissors that top both he and Guerrero to the outside whilst Guerrero fought Dark. The finish saw Guerrero trip Mysterio on the top rope, Guerrero take a superkick off the apron from Dark, with Dark pulling Mysterio in Fear Factor (Package Piledriver) to earn the win. Guerrero and Mysterio's issues deepened post-match as Guerrero attacked Mysterio with a chair, hanging him in a tree of woe and hammering on his knee, in a scene reminscent of their 2007 "I Quit" match in WWE. 

This episode's semi-main was Sexy Star retaining the Gift of the Gods Championship over Jack Evans in a violent clash, that ended with a series of interference from the Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) & PJ Black (Justin Gabriel)) and Trios Champions Aero Star, Drago & Fenix. I thought Evans did some wonderful work in this match as he came across like an absolute dick, whenever he was in control. He was frustrating to watch, but in a good way as it meant whenever Star began to turn the tables it was even more satisfying to watch. This was helped by the viciousness that Star brought to her offence, with a particularly memorable moment being the multiple rope-aided bronco busters in the corner. The match would end devolving into a series of fun run-ins, with Mundo & Black giving Evans a wonderful near fall and Aero Star & Drago eventually running them off. I would've liked to have seen Star and Evans get to have one last exchange before the finish and feel that that could have elevated the match further, but Fenix distracting the ref and Evans, as Star hit her opponent low with a kendo stick and hits a spinning Fisherman's suplex for the win, will probably open up more option going forward.

The opening match saw Dr. Wagner Jr & Famous B (seconded by Brenda) defeat Mascarita Sagrada and Son of Havoc in varied encounter, that had plenty of fun. I felt like the bout started and finished strongly with the Havoc and Sagrada face-shine getting over the odd-couple vibe with their entrance on a bike and side-car getting a great reaction. The finish with Havoc getting pushed off the top rope by Wagner, before Sagrada took the Doctor Driver and Famous B pinned the mini with his stethoscope was also well worked. Unfortunately the contests mid-section didn't do a whole lot for me and I began to lose interest in the match a few minutes in. There wasn't particularly anything wrong with what was going on, I just didn't find it particularly interesting either.

Best of the Rest 

  • Rey Mysterio Jr. & Chavo Guerrero Jr. came to blows in Dario Cueto's office, which lead to Cueto adding them to the main event with Pentagon Dark - Chavo Guerrero Jr. brutally assaulted Dragon Azteca Jr. with a steel chair in the locker room, with Rey Mysterio Jr. discovering DAJ following the incident


ATPW Scale Rating - 5.25/10 

Show in a Sentence - A fun hour, with two good matches, that open opportunities for bigger bouts to come. 

Strongest Moment - Pentagon Dark v Rey Mysterio Jr. v Chavo Guerrero Jr. 
Weakest Moment - Dr Wagner Jr & Famous B v Mascarita Sagrada & Son of Havoc

Words - James Marston

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