Saturday, 8 October 2016

TV Review: WWE Superstars #390 - Neville v Jinder Mahal 2

The WWE Raw brand's one hour of re-caps and midcarders was in Cinncinati, Ohio last week with Neville headlining the show opposite Jinder Mahal in a re-match from Monday Night RAW in August. This was going to be...good...yeah? 

Neville continued his "impressive" undefeated streak on Superstars with a victory over Jinder Mahal in an awful match. Out of all the former employees that WWE could have rehired, I think everyone is still pretty stumped as to why they decided that Mahal would be their guy and this match made that question even more baffling. The Man of Peace bumped awkwardly, all of his offence looked crap, including a horrible crucifix pin, but he did get some heat for saying some words with an accent, because Murica. Neville escentially had to wrestle around his opponent, but even he didn't seem his usual silky best. There were some storyline elements that could have worked, like Mahal managing to block multiple outside dives from Neville, but without The Man That Gravity forgot actually hitting the dive it became increasingly frustrating to watch. After eight minutes, the match was finally put out of it's misery when Neville got the win with the beautiful Red Arrow. It's baffling that he's not being used to spear head the cruiserweight division and is stuck wrestling Mahal on the C or D show. 

Best of the Rest

  • Sami Zayn completed a trifeca of victories over Curtis Axel in as many month's, winning a short but enjoyable opening match.


ATPW Scale Rating - 1.5/10

Yeah, so only match this week that had any length to it and that match was shit. Jinder Mahal seems to have actually got worse over the last few months, as whilst he was previously mediocre, he now looks like a liability in the ring. It was a shame that Sami Zayn and Curtis Axel didn't get longer for their match, as that was the more promising of the two outings and the pair did a decent job with their sub-five minute effort. 

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