Tuesday, 4 July 2017

We're Going on Hiatus

Hey guys, 

It's James Marston, creator and editor of Across the Pond Wrestling here,

Without going into too much details, I've decided to place ATPW on hiatus. I haven't been able to produce the quality of content that I want to create and create that content on a regular basis for quite a while now and whilst my fellow contributors have consistently delivered the quality, I have often been unable to fulfil my role as editor as well. 

So, I've decided I need to take a step back, get a few other things in order and make sure that I'm in a position where I know where ATPW fits in my life and where I know what I can give and when I can give it. I'm setting a provisional return date of 21st August, which is the day after WWE's SummerSlam PPV. I've got a big ATPW trip planned for October and would like to get a few months under my belt before making that trip. I feel like if I'm still unsure of where I'm heading, then will be the time to have a more serious think about the future of Across the Pond Wrestling. 

Thanks to everyone who's read an ATPW up to this point. Hopefully we'll be back to provide you all with entertainment and opinion once again very soon. 


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