Wednesday, 8 November 2017

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So, it's Merch time again and with some incredible wrestling action that has already happened this week and due to happen en route to this weekend, is their a better time to for a Merch Desk? I think not. Hopefully this month's edition comes in handy for you 

WWE Shop

Pete Dunne "Bruiserweight" Authentic T-Shirt

After creating one of the best moments from RAW Manchester from the the UK Tour, WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne defeated Enzo Amore, and of course you want to see if has merch...Good news he does, and for a limited time it is at a reduced price.

Price: Normally £25.00 Currently: £15.00

The Shield "Shield United" Authentic T-Shirt

The reunion of The Shield has finally arrived and how is WWE celebrating this? MERCH and it is looking good as there is two different versions available:

"Shield United" - £22.59

Special Edition version - Normally £25.00 Currently: £15.00

Alicia Fox "Crazy Like a Fox" Authentic T-Shirt

She is the captain of the RAW Survivor Series and finally she now has T-shirts available, she is Alicia Fox, and this is her colourful outing:

Price: Normally £25.00 Currently: £15.00

Sheamus & Cesaro "The Bar" Women's Authentic T-Shirt

They are the NEW RAW Tag Team Champions and their new T-shirts are out now, the shirts actually really do look good.  

Price: Normally £25.00 Currently: £15.00

All T-shirts are available in Men's sizes from: S-5XL and Women's Sizes: S -2XL

Pro Wrestling Tees

Lionheart "Still A Fanny"/"Hero" T-Shirt

He is known to fans as a Fanny or a Hero, either way you can now declare your opinion thanks to his latest T-shirt range. He is Lionheart, and you can find his range on the links below:

Sizes: S - 5XL

Prices start from $19.99

Sha Samuels "No Pinky No Party" T-Shirt 

He is one half of the Kinky Party, and if you are seeing him at a show you know your gonna enjoy yourself. His name is East! East! East! Actually its not, his name is Sha Samuels.

Sizes: S - 5XL

Prices start from $19.99

Joey Janela "Bad Boy Terminator"/"Iconic Summer"/"Janela Saves"/"Saturdays Are For" T-Shirts

He is the AIW Intense and CZW Wired Champion, this month and through to December he is in the UK, his name is Bad Boy Joey Janela and this is a range of his incredible T-Shirts.

Sizes: S - 5XL

Prices start from $19.99


Before this weekend arrives, Rev Pro alongside NJPW is hosting Global Wars in London in what is sure to be an excellent two day event, and Rev Pro have released some merch to celebrate it.

Limited Edition "Global Wars 2017" T-Shirt 

Price: £15.99 
Sizes: S - 2XL


Price: £10

"Global Wars 2017" Football Scarf

Price: £12.00


This weekend, EVE is hosting She-1. Four shows. Two days. All female Event. All Sold Out. And guess what, you need merch, 

"Piledrive a Facist" Womens Fitted T-shirt 

Price: £18.00  
Sizes: S - XL

"Support Your Local Girl Gang" Straight-Cut T-Shirt multiple colours 

Price: £15.00 
Sizes S -3XL

A Day at The Resistance DVD 

Price: £12.99

 Episode 2: After the Storm DVD 

Price: £12.99 

Parts Unknown 

She dances, she drinks, and once you have seen her in a wrestling ring, I'm pretty sure with that infectious personality, you can't help but think she's awesome. I'm referring to 'The Session Moth' Martina and thanks to Parts Unknown you can buy some of her merch.

Price: £14.99

Sizes: XS - 4XL

Until next merch! 

Article by Craig Hermit. 

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