Wednesday, 29 November 2017

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We said goodbye to Halloween, said see you later to Fireworks night and Thanksgiving, so its time to say hello to the chaotic run that is the C word…Chrimbo, jeez what word did you think I was referring to. Okay, lets say the festive period, you know the time we give gifts to each other to say thanks for not being a dick for the last year. 

With that in mind, I’m Craig Hermit and it’s my Merch Table to hopefully help or give you a guide on what wrestling merch is around, featuring things from WWE, Parts Unknown Clothing, Discovery Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling and The Young Bucks 

WWE Euroshop

Festive Jumpers, ugly jumpers, heck WWE has them and I’ll be honest they are not really that ugly. All jumpers are currently on 50% off and ranges from Sizes S up to 3XL.

AJ Styles "Untouchable" Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt

Price: £35.00 currently at £17.50

Alexa Bliss "Little Miss Bliss" Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt

Price: £35.00 currently at £17.50

Sasha Banks "Bosses Make Bank" Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt

Price: £35.00 currently at £17.50

Roman Reigns "It's My Yard" Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt

Price: £35.00 currently at £17.50

Parts Unknown UK

An awesome range of merch from a various amount of excellent wrestlers, that is definitely something fans will like for the holidays, from Jimmy Havoc, Jack Sexsmith, Nina Samuels and South Pacific Power Couple.

Jimmy Havoc "Sleigh Havoc Sleigh" Christmas Jumper

Price: £26.00
Sizes: S - 2XL

Jack Sexsmith "Sexually Frivolous Morally Ambiguous" T-Shirt

Price: £20.00
Sizes: XS - 2XL

Nina Samuels "Queen of The Club" T-Shirt

Price: £14.95
Sizes: XS - 3XL

South Pacific Power Couple "SPPC" T-Shirt

Price: £14.95
Sizes: XS - £XL

Discovery Wresting 

With a big show next Thursday, Discovery Wrestling continues to go from strength to strength in Edinburgh. This includes stepping up their merch game with a series of collabs with the likes of Matt Riddle, Martina and Sammi Jayne. 

Sammii Jayne Champions Series Unisex Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Price: £17.50
Sizes S -3XL

Matt Riddle "IRN-BRO" T-Shirt

Price: £20.00
Sizes: S - 3XL

Session Moth Martina Unisex Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Price: £17.50
Sizes: S - 3XL
Multiple Colours

"All About The Wrestling" T-Shirt (Short Sleeved)

Price: £15.00
Sizes: S - 3XL

Insane Championship Wrestling

ICW has launched an excellent new range of merch on RedBubble, with prices ranging from £18.99 for mens tshirts, £19.99 for Scoop Womens Tshirts, up to £23.99 for tank tops

The Young Bucks

They are controversial, they are charismatic, they are Champions and their merchandise is available now! Seriously this looks awesome!  

Killing the Biz Shirt

Price: $19.99
Sizes: S - 3XL

Killing the Biz Scarf and Beanie

Price: $29.99

So thanks for stopping by this month, I will be bringing another festive one for you in next week with more incredible merch!

Article by Craig Hermit (@CraigHermit)

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