Wednesday, 7 March 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Review // 6th March 2018

The quarter finals of the Mixed Match Challenge continued this week as RAW Women Champion Alexa Bliss & Braun Strowman took on Naomi & Jimmy Uso. But how did it all go down in Green Bay? Lets take a look! 

Mixed Match Challenge Quarter Final // 

Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss vs. Jimmy Uso & Naomi 

Before the match - Alexa Bliss & Braun Strowman cut a handheld promo claiming that they would be putting an end to "the Glow-ish" tonight, whilst continuing to tease at sexual tension - In another handheld promo, Naomi said her husband wasn't afraid of Braun Strowman, whilst Jey Uso looked uncomfortable in the background 

Alexa Bliss & Braun Strowman booked their spot in the semi-finals with a victory over Naomi & Jimmy Uso, guaranteeing RAW a spot in the final. As has been the case for the majority of Mixed Match Challenge contests, this was an entertaining, focused on the relationships between the partners and the opponents. The action wasn't always the best and lulled towards the end with a section involving Bliss and Naomi, but the various story spots were done well and did a good job of getting over the various relationships involved. I'm not sure how much I'm into the Bliss & Strowman stuff and having them fall into awkward positions felt a little unnecessary, but the crowd was into it and it did lead to the best part of the match, which was Uso taking the piss out of Strowman for having a crush on Bliss and then realising he'd just angered the Monster Amongst Men. Uso would eventually get sent crashing into the barricade and in the biggest spot of the series so far, powerslammed through the announce table, allowing Bliss to get the roll-up victory for her team. Bliss & Strowman will return in two weeks time for their Semi-Final clash with Intercontinental Champion The Miz & Asuka.

Also This Week 

- Bobby Roode & Charlotte Flair spoke about their match next week, claiming it wouldn't be "Rusev Day" but "Woo Day" 

- Rusev & Lana also talked up their involvement, saying that no one would be singing "Glorious" but instead the rather catchy "Lana is the best, Lana number one" 

ATPW Scale Rating // 5 out of 10

Written by James Marston // @IAmNotAlanDale

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