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WWE NXT Episode 107 Review (Kidd vs Zayn)

This week's NXT review see's the return of the "Match of the Day" style reviews, that I used when writing at this time last year. For those unfamiliar with this style of review, it begins with the biggest storyline of the show, with everything involved in that storyline being reviewed in a block, before moving onto the next. I feel this has a better feel to it than the play by play style reviews and also makes it easier to find what you are looking for within the review. So without further a do, let's begin. 

Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd 


This week's main event was a first time TV encounter between the Canadian duo of Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd. To build to the match, both men where interviewed by Devin Taylor. This was a nice touch that made the main event feel like something worth sticking around for, with both men outlining the problems they had with each other nicely. As expected Zayn put in a much better showing, talking about how he's seen the real Tyson Kidd over recent weeks. Zayn nailed his closing statement, saying he wanted to embarrass kid, making this feel especially personal and showing a different side to Sami Zayn.

Their main event match was a good encounter, with a number of exciting reversals and near falls. The crowd was really into every Zayn did in the ring, they've certainly built a connection with the former Generic Luchador. Kidd's new character is also developing rather nicely stalling early on the match, before teasing a highflying dive to the outside, only to deliver a vicious suplex on the ramp. As the match headed to a conclusion there were some superb sequences, including a number of rear wastelock switches before Kidd delivered a lovely German Suplex for a near fall, as well as one that saw Kidd reverse a Monkey flip into a Sharpshooter with Zayn scrambling to reach the ropes. After a handful of near falls for both men, it was Kidd who picked up the victory, catching Kidd coming off the top rope with an Reverse STO transitioned into the Koji Clutch for the submission victory.

I wish this match had been given more than ten minutes, as it felt like Zayn and Kidd were only scraping the surface of what they could produce together in the ring. Everything that was shown hear looked super crisp and clean and the characters worked very well together, I do think it was a shame then that they went for such a clear cut finish. I would have been up for a series of matches between these two, but I'm not sure how they could have Kidd get a rematch after losing so convincingly. 

Match Rating - ** 3/4

Colin Cassady & Enzo Amore vs The Vaudevillains 



The opening match of the show was a spot of tag team action, as the entertaining duo of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady tackled the recently teamed Aidan English and Simon Gotch, The Vaudevillains. Both gimmicks are fun to watch, therefore it was a shame to see this match only go less than three minutes, where it never really got out of second gear. The only really point of note, in the main body of the match, was Enzo escaping a suplex attempt from English to get a warm tag to Cassady. It was however clear that this match was being used to set up or continue rivalries with other teams, as The Legionairres caused the distraction that cost Cassady the victory, allowing English to use a school boy roll up with the added touch of holding onto the tights to ensure the victory. 

Later on in the night, Vaudevillains, interupted a Devin Taylor interview with Kalisto to ask where his partner (El Local) was. It was revealed Kalisto and El Local had parted ways as a duo, with Kalisto saying he'd have a partner to face the English and Gotch next week. I haven't seen a lot of Kalisto on the mic before, and I actually rather enjoyed this. His delivery was quirky enough that it fitted the gimmick without ruining away any of the mystery that the mask affords a worker. I'd be surprised if that partner isn't Sin Cara. 

Match Rating - 1/2*

CJ Parker vs Xavier Woods


Honestly, this match was awful. I wasn't convinced that either man particularly disliked each other, which apparently they do, according to the commentary team. I've enjoyed Xavier Woods work in the past, but CJ Parker simply isn't good enough in the ring. Almost everything he did looked dodgy, from a nasty looking head scissors takedown, an awkward spot where Woods caught his throat on the bottom rope, to a terrible O'Connor roll finish where Parker was supposed to be holding onto the ropes but was nowhere near to them. Why NXT has continued to perservere with Parker who clearly isn't up to the standard required I don't know.

Match Rating - DUD

Adam Rose vs Jason Jordan


 Adam Rose's return to NXT, facing off against Jason Jordan in a fun few minutes of action. Mainly a comedy bout with Rose rubbing Jordan's chest a la Goldust and repeatedly sending Jordan's head into his arse using the turnbuckle, the highlight of this one for me was a well-excuted Northern Light's Suplex by Jordan. That was Jordan's only real offence in the match, as he eventually succumbed to the Party Foul. This was a lot more enjoyable than the majority of what Rose has done since coming up to the main roster. 

Match Rating - *

Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks


In Women's action this week, Sasha Banks faced off against Alexa Bliss, which for less than three minutes was a good outing for the pair. Telling a nice story with Bliss attempting to get the win with a number of pinfall combinations (including a much better O'Connor roll than we'd seen from Parker and Woods previously), whilst Banks attacked her relentlessly, with a series of vicious attacks. Banks looked fantastic in this one, with a terrific double knee attack with Bliss caught in the rope and her beautiful finishing move, The Bo$$ Lock (a Double Knee Backbreaker into a Crossface) that getting her the submission win. Sasha is a real talent. 

Match Rating - * 1/4

Tyler Breeze Interview


Tyler Breeze appeared this week, speaking to Devin Taylor, and isn't he just wonderful? And absolute delight to listen to? There isn't anyone in WWE at the moment that is delivering promos the way that Breeze is delivering promos, really thinking about every single syllable, instead of just reading words of a page. This fresh feel should serve him well in WWE, and with him revealing that his lawyer is making up a contract for his much anticipated NXT title match with Adrian Neville, it seems there are big things on the horizon for Prince Pretty.

Ascension Promo 


Current NXT Tag Team Champions Konnor and Viktor also turned up this week to cut a backstage promo talking about how they've destroyed all their competition on NXT. It would seem that they are earmarked to make the jump to the main roster here, and I know many out there are fairly high on this team, but on the strength of this promo they need some more time to polish up these skills, or maybe even a manager. 



 So, that was the 107th episode of NXT! A mostly enjoyable outing for WWE's developmental league with Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd taking the match of the night for me, putting in a solid main event. There's clearly a lot of talent knocking around these parts, with Sasha Banks and Tyler Breeze particularly impressing me this week. Take away the piss poor CJ Parker bout and this could have been an even better show. 

See you next week when Summer Rae challenges Charlotte for the NXT Women's Championship!

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