Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bate & Moloney: Bloody Good

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I don't like Dan Maloney. I don't like Tyler Bate. There I said it. Do you want to know why? Because no one their age should be that good at what they do. It's just fair to anyone else, is it? They're 18, 18! When I was 18 I couldn't even tie my own shoe laces! 

And yet here they wrestling like old hands at Kamikaze Pro, creating a believable feud with an intensity that makes you want to see them beat the living shit out of each other. There match may have ended in a double countout and they may have had one of the shortest segments of the show, but they made their time count. It's difficult to make someone believe you hate another person, especially in wrestling, but everything Bate and Maloney did out there on Sunday was geared towards making me feel just that. I wanted to see more. That means I'll buy a ticket to see them fight again, that's the definition of a draw!

It's not like Sunday was a revelation for me either, I've been impressed by the pair's improvement over the last two years.

Tyler Bate's match with Jay Lethal at SWA back in August last year was one of the most sublime piece of wrestling I've had the pleasure of seeing live. An absolute barn burner with Bate standing toe to toe with one of the finest wrestlers on the planet right now and looking out of place on little bit. 

Every time I see Bate he seems to have added a new element to his game that makes me even more angry at how good he is. Just as his ring work started to improve by the day, he grew a fucking mustache and ran with it like no one has ever ran with a mustache before. The mustache became Tyler and Tyler became the mustache. Everyone loved the mustache and everyone loved Tyler. There's obviously a lot more to the wonderful protagonist persona that Bate has developed, but it really does help that he's got a mustache. 

On the other hand of the coin, there's Maloney, he doesn't have a mustache, so we don't like him. I jest, I jest. Maloney seems more comfortable as the villain of the piece, really progressing with his interaction with the crowd, it seems to come easy to him now to just piss everyone and their gran off. He's the guy you want to see get chucked around like he can chuck his opponents around, it's the ultimate combo.

These two are only going to continue to get better as they progress and that's a scary thought because bloody good now. I can't wait to keep watching the duo develop over the next few years and seeing just how high they can climb. 

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