Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Unanswered Wrestling Mysteries Part 2 - Who Was The Higher Power Behind The Nexus?

In this edition of Unanswered Wrestling Mysteries, ATPW attempts to find out who was the higher power that The Nexus were supposedly working for?

Wade Barrett mentioned on numerous occassion that The Nexus were working for a Higher Power but who could it have possibly been?

Let's see who are prime suspects are

Terry Wogan

Think about it. Think about how Wogan struts around on Children in Need like he owns the place, shouting order a Pudsey. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Wogan who knocked out Pudsey's eye. Damn you, Wogan, you can mess with blokes dressed a bear, but don't you dare mess with Yosh Tatsu! If Wogan was the higher power, I imagine he fell asleep after a tasty Horlicks when he was supposed to make his run in at SummerSlam 2010 to save the guys. Bloody Wogan!

The entire Stoke City football team

The rumour is James Beattie was the ring leader of it all, still pissed off because his England career was a wetter than a tramps beard. He set up the team and tried to get Justin Gabriel to play left wing for a short time, when the squad was struck by injuries, leading to Wade Barrett seizing power, which would explain why the mentions of the higher power stopped pretty quickly.


This might be the most plausible option. Who better to be the higher power of The Nexus than Voldemort himself! The Dark Lord was pulling the string when he heard Ron Weasley had taken a shit in bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and in his haste to catch Weasley Voldemort dropped his palm pilot that had all the details of Skip Sheffield, his main squeeze in the Nexus, so he left the group to rot, like an apple in the wood.

Well I've had my best guesses at who it could have been and provided more answers than WWE ever did on the situation. Job done.

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